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The best hand-held stirrers test

Blender, sharp 4-blade knife QuattroBlade in the universal shredder, mixing bowl with the lid, so you can not only mix the ingredients, but also in the shaker.

At first use, it can seem heavy.

The hand mixer from Bosch is a multifunctional appliance for the kitchen. With the help of this hand mixer you can make sauce, mush, cream, puree and much more. This is also comfortable, beautiful and has an ergonomic non-slip grip. With the additional accessories, you can turn your daily cooking process into a breeze.

Crusher, broom for best results, dough hook, hand blender, shaker with lid

Rubberized ergonomic handle, knob for quick change of broom, special shape of the broom for an optimal stirring and beating result

Ergonomic grip with the SoftTouch padding provides a comfortable grip. The spiral cable is not broken because it is flexible.

On the black case, the fingerprints are visible.

The manual stirrer from Siemens is a stylish and modern appliance for your kitchen. The accessories are made of stainless steel. This high-quality kitchen helper helps you to accomplish various tasks effortlessly. This is also convenient and easy to handle and easy to clean because all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Soft-touch insert on the handle, ergonomic housing, spiral cable, special shape of the broom for an optimal stirring and beating result, button for quick change of brooms

The brooms have a special shape to mix ingredients quickly and effortlessly. Four egg whites are beaten in 60 seconds to the airy foam.

The brooms are short enough, so splashes can occur.

The hand mixer from Krups has a good combination of beautiful appearance and modern working principles. This is light and compact, has thick hooks for the dough and high quality brooms. With it, the daily preparation is greatly facilitated.

special shape of the broom for an optimal stirring result, button for quick change of the broom, stable handle

With 6 speeds you can easily select necessary mode to mix different foods effectively.

The cable is too short (up to 90 cm).

The hand mixer is made of stainless steel and high quality plastic, which means that it offers a long service life. This model is user-friendly, so you can work with it for a long time and effortlessly. You can also appreciate Turbo mode.

Button for quick change of broom, non-slip handle

Supplied with an additional broom made of stainless steel, so you can mix different sauces and other viscous products.

This model is too loud.

The modern hand mixer has an excellent appearance: a streamlined housing in rich red, which is very noteworthy. This is also very comfortable in the hand, is light and beautiful. With it you can easily and quickly mix the products, stir, also act the dough and much more. Thanks to the big buttons you can do everything with one hand.

Broom, dough hook, additional broom for optimal stirring result

Button for quick change of brooms, strong color, ergonomic shape

Bosch MFQ4080

Bosch MFQ4080

A universal kitchen appliance

Various useful kitchen appliances can be replaced with a Bosch hand mixer. This is a reliable helper in your kitchen. This hand mixer is quiet and lightweight, ideal for pleasant and relaxed work. Using this hand mixer, you can beat a lush foam, make an even sauce, soup or a mush of fruit or vegetables. In the scope of delivery there are dough hooks, so that you can simply work the viscous dough.

Now we overlook the following possibilities of the device:

  1. In the universal shredder with the sharp 4-blade knife QuattroBlade hard and soft ingredients such as cheese, nut, chocolate, herbs and much more to mix.
  2. Smoothies made from fruit and vegetables or cocktails can be made with the blender.
  3. The brooms help you beat egg whites with egg whites or cream.
  4. Use the dough hooks to get a uniform dough without lumps (use different speed levels for different types of dough according to the instructions for use).

Create your culinary creations with the hand mixer from Bosch and delight your family members!

Innovation and user comfort

The manufacturer of this model has paid particular attention to the broom: these have a special design, special shape and are equipped with the small metal balls. These innovations have been specially developed for the best stir and beat results. With this hand mixer you can beat egg white to snow foam or make an airy cream cream in seconds. Compared to conventional hand mixers, this hand mixer is a perfect option as it creates the foam faster and better. With special brooms you get more volume in culinary ideas. The whisk with beads creates more air in the mass to be processed, so you can get perfect results.

The scope of delivery also includes a convenient plastic mixing cup with the scale and a lid for storing the products. In this shaker you can also mix different sauces or smoothies etc. easily. On the whole, you get a good kitchen helper, with which you can easily prepare various foods or drinks.

An elegant design

Yes, the look of the device also plays a great role in the purchase. The manual stirrer from Bosch has an elegant and modern design. The case is made in white and light gray. This hand mixer is also small and is flawless in the hand. The design of the handle is ergonomic and it is very convenient to hold it during the stirring. Rubberized grip on the handle makes this also non-slip.

The buttons are very thoughtfully placed so that each user can easily switch the speed levels as well as turbo mode by hand.

Mincing meat or fish

It should be noted that with the help of this hand mixer you can make minced meat (small amount), because it is equipped with a shredder. The 4-blade can rarely be used for these purposes, as it can become dull. If you are looking for an electric meat grinder, then please take a look at our review of the best models of meat grinders. This kitchen utensil is powerful and is used to finely chop and mix raw meat or fish. We think that you will make your choice here.

Additional information

Siemens MQ96500

Siemens MQ96500

Easy to use and comfortable to hold

The high-quality and stylish hand mixer from Siemens is characterized by its high performance, ease of use and cleaning. This hand stirrer also has beautiful and stylish look. The case of this hand mixer is smooth and made in black and dark gray. The brooms are made of stainless steel, which is especially important. Besides, the brooms are also easy to clean. These never turn yellow compared to plastic brooms.

This hand mixer is powerful enough. The power is 500 W. There are also 5 speed levels, which can be easily switched. The handle is also a button for the turbo mode placed. In this impulse mode, it’s quick and easy to process the ingredients (for example, create more volume to a creamy mass). This hand mixer works very quietly. This is an important advantage as most models of hand mixers are very loud.

The delivery includes the following nozzles, such as: whisk, dough hook. With a special knob on the handle, you can quickly change additional accessories. These removable parts are also dishwasher safe.

More comfort when stirring

The manufacturer has developed this hand mixer in such a way that you can use it conveniently every day. The specially designed ergonomic handle with non-slip SoftTouch support provides reliable grip. The buttons are big enough and they are easy to press. This hand mixer is also small and light that you can work with it for a very long time and effortlessly.

It has to be said that this hand mixer is equipped with a spiral cable. This is much more practical and flexible than standard cables. This cable is also long, so you do not have to worry, because this hand mixer makes it easy to mix something anywhere in the kitchen. The spiral cable is also break-proof enough.

Special whisk for the best results

The whisk in this hand mixer are also noteworthy. They have a special shape to mix the mix effectively and quickly. With this beater, the liquid mass is mixed in seconds and, for example, whipped cream or egg white are increased in volume. With this hand mixer you create a delicious and in the mouth melting, airy experience.

Simple breakfast

The egg contains a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This is also a good breakfast for every person. We recommend that you pay attention to our test of the best egg cooker. With an egg cooker, the eggs are cooked with different degrees of hardness (hard, soft or medium). This is also compact and lightweight and can be stored in any kitchen cabinet. Please visit our overview and find the best option for you!

Additional information



Create a delicious and mouth-melting experience

The next model in our comparison is the hand mixer from Krups. This hand mixer has a classic design and is characterized by reliability, ease of use and lightness. The GN5021 Hand Mixer can run for a very long time in continuous operation, so you can easily create a smooth liquid batter or uniform creamy mass. This model is very light, weighs less than a kilo. This means that the hand mixer from Krups offers a reliable grip. The design of this hand mixer is also convenient and convenient. You can set this hand mixer both horizontally and vertically. The handle is not equipped with non-slip pads, but it fits comfortably in the hand.

The Krups GN5021 hand mixer is equipped with five speed levels and a turbo mode. For the turbo mode there is a special button on the handle. You have to keep this button pressed to activate the turbo mode. This hand mixer is also supplied with whisk and thick hook for the dough. Attention: this hand mixer is compatible with the accessories 3 Mix 4000 XL.

Krups hand mixers from 1959 to today are synonymous with reliability and quality, so the Krups GN5021 Hand Mixer has excellent technical features and is a great buy for any person who always cooks different dishes at home.

Lightning fast to beat and mix

This hand mixer has the 500 W power. It is enough for whipping cream, cream or egg whites. The hand mixer also beats the mix quickly. To beat 4 egg whites into an airy snow foam, use this hand mixer only for one minute. For the best stirring results, use the fifth speed setting. Thanks to the special whisk, the performance of this mixer is significantly increased.

It takes a lot of time to knead the dough, especially the hard dough. The dough is thanks to this miracle device evenly and without lumps. Thick dough hooks do their job flawlessly and quickly.

Only high quality materials

The Krups company only uses the high quality materials for its products. The housing of the hand mixer is made of robust high-performance plastic, which offers excellent chemical resistance. At the edges of the hand mixer is a slightly ribbed plastic for high stability. The housing is easy to wipe with a damp cloth. The whisk and hook are made of stainless steel. These are also easy to clean. By and large, you get a lot of user comfort when working with this hand mixer.

A delicious dessert

If you want to prepare a dessert for yourself or your family members, then you can create the delicious waffles. For the dough you should use the following ingredients: eggs, flour, yogurt, butter, baking powder, sugar and salt. The dough could be used with a hand mixer and you should pour this on a hot plate of waffle iron. Then you should prepare a cream of protein, sugar and cream with a hand mixer. This process does not take much time. Enjoy delicious waffles with tea or coffee!

Additional information

Aicok hand blender

Aicok hand blender

Reliable hand mixer for years to come

The hand mixer from Aicok was specially developed for the best stirring results. This hand mixer is a perfect purchase for creating airy creams or even dough. The manual agitator from Aicok is equipped with 6 speeds and a turbo mode, so you can choose the right one:

  • 1-2 speed level for hard foods (nuts or chocolate);
  • 3-4 speed level for kneading a thick dough, for example bread (in this case use the dough hooks);
  • 5-6 speed level for whipping cream or egg whites.

The power of this hand mixer is only 300 W, but this perfectly masters its task.

It’s fair to say that this hand mixer is not that light, but this one is made of stainless steel, which means that this hand mixer offers a long life and a beautiful and stylish look. The handle is a black edition of matte plastic provided. The handle is also non-slip and provides a reliable grip. The soft switch, eject button and turbo mode knob are very conveniently placed so you can easily operate the hand mixer with just one hand.

The beaters and dough hooks are also made of stainless steel. The beaters are also shown in classic form. All in all, you will get a perfect kitchen helper, with which you can simply cook various tasty dishes.

Some rules for your safety

The electric whisk refers to the dangerous household appliances, so there are some safety rules to follow:

  1. Never leave the switched-on mixer on without supervision;
  2. Children younger than 10 years are not allowed to use the hand mixer and from 10 years – only under adult supervision;
  3. The hand mixer should not be rinsed under running water to prevent short circuits. Wipe the housing of the hand mixer with a damp cloth;
  4. Do not touch the whisk with bare hands when the mixer is turned on (even if the soft switch is set to “0”);
  5. The hand mixer is intended for home use only;
  6. To avoid spattering, use a vessel with a high rim. Dip the whisk into a jar with a mass and select the minimum speed level. Gradually increase the speed. After stirring, first switch off the hand mixer and then pull it out of the container.

Special ventilation system

The hand mixer works with a bleed system that provides quick cooling and does not overheat. The air holes are placed on the front of the case in such a way that the hand mixer does not overheat in continuous operation even in 5 minutes (even in turbo mode).

The hand mixer is also stable and robust. It does not vibrate at high speed, especially when stirring thick or hard ingredients. The hand mixer is also easy to use.

Freshly baked bread – a breeze

Use this hand mixer to knead a hard dough for bread. If you want to bake a freshly baked bread for yourself and your loved ones, then you can buy a bread maker. With a bread maker, the bread is fast and perfect to bake. Make your choice!

Savisto SV-KITC-Z173

Savisto SV-KITC-Z173

Powerful and beautiful hand mixer

The next model in our comparison is the hand mixer from Savisto. This hand mixer is powerful and has a nice look. He is made in rich red. The power of this hand mixer is 300 W. It is enough for home use. There are also three types of attachments included, so you can easily and quickly prepare various dishes such as gravy, cream and even even dough. The Savisto hand mixer is also light and comfortable. To stir perfectly is his important task. You can use this hand mixer in continuous operation (max 5 minutes). The case also has large buttons for comfort.

The model of Savisto is equipped with 5 speed levels: 1-3 level is intended for mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough, 3-5 stages – for whipping egg whites, cream and cream. In this hand mixer there is also a turbo mode for the best stirring results.

As mentioned, the hand mixer has a nice and modern design. There are also special air openings on the housing, so that the hand mixer can not overheat.

Three types of essays

The hand mixer also has a good combination of quality and price. Now we overlook the attachments of this hand mixer:

  1. Two chrome whisk are universal devices for perfect stirring and whipping results.
  2. Two chrome hooks for a dough. These are thick enough and sturdy. Use these hooks to knead the dough for bread, pizza, pastries, pancakes and more. As a result, you get a uniform dough.
  3. A stainless steel whisk is an ideal device for whipping egg whites into snow foam, preparing sauces and blending soft ingredients.

In this way, you get the variety of ways to create different culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. With this hand mixer you also save a lot of time and energy.

Easy to clean

The hand stirrer by Savisto is very practical for everyday use. The color on the plastic housing does not go out over time. The housing is also easy to wipe off with a soft damp cloth. Hard spots can be removed with a dishwashing liquid (gel). But do not forget that you should not rinse this hand mixer under running water to avoid a short circuit.

All removable parts (brooms and hooks) should be rinsed under running water and in a dishwasher. By and large, the Savisto hand stirrer is easy to clean and use.

For measuring the ingredients

If you are a beginner in the kitchen, then create a kitchen scale. This device is small and compact and with it you can easily and accurately measure different ingredients or spices.

What is a hand mixer

A hand mixer is a useful kitchen appliance that is often used in your kitchen. Above all, this device should be light, handy and comfortable. It has to be said that the hand mixers have to have a certain robustness and quality in order to have the longest possible service life. With this device, every beginner can beat the egg white to the egg whites or the cream, whisking various ingredients until a uniform sauce is produced. With a whisk it is very difficult to get a uniform mass. It also takes an extremely long time. Modern hand mixers are often supplied with special dough hooks. With these dough hooks, it is easy to make almost all types of dough such as liquid or viscous dough for pancakes, pizza or biscuit.

Of course, to mix different ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, chocolate, cheese and much more, or to mix smoothie, you can use a blender. But if you choose a multifunctional device, then draw attention to our overview of the best food processors. With a food processor it is easy to prepare various complicated recipes very quickly and effortlessly. We hope you make your right choice.

Which features to compare

When buying a hand mixer, please pay attention to its performance. That is a key feature. The higher the performance, the faster the device mixes the ingredients and makes an airy cream for the pie. Above all, you should decide what you will use this device for. If you plan to use a hand blender to beat and mix cream, egg whites, drinks or food, 100 – 150 W of power is enough for you. For the batter and hard food, the best models are the powerful 200-250 W models.

Speed ​​and accessories
Handy modern mixers are often supplied with additional accessories. With the help of additional removable parts you can prepare different dishes! Whisk, hook, knife – all these devices can be useful for cooking different foods. But if you are looking for a traditional soft-food mixer, then you can purchase a standard electric hand mixer. On the other hand, if you want to use a hand blender as a multifunctional appliance in your kitchen, then think of purchasing a hand blender with plenty of extra parts.

The number of speeds is still an important feature when buying a kitchen appliance. Most hand mixers have 3-5 speed levels, but some models offer even more, up to 12 levels. These speeds allow you to effortlessly mix soft or hard food, chase off a liquid or viscous dough, and so on. Most models are often equipped with a step selector to quickly and easily switch speeds. Some models can boast of a turbo mode. In this mode, the ingredients are mixed at maximum speed to achieve the finer mix results. The speed levels also allow you to avoid splashing.

Execution and design
Also pay attention to the design and the design of the handy mixer. The housing of the hand mixer is usually made of plastic. Also this can be with the metal inserts. The metal or stainless steel inserts can significantly increase the life of the hand mixer. Compact models can also be the best option for small kitchens, because these can be stored in a cupboard or placed on a small shelf. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the hand mixer can be comfortable to handle. Some devices also have a cable storage compartment that can be very useful when stored.

The question: How does a hand mixer work??
The answer: A hand mixer is an electrical kitchen appliance with which different ingredients are easy to mix. After you switch on the hand mixer and turn the switch to the appropriate level, the whisk is operated at high speed. Thanks to its high performance, a hand mixer mixes the ingredients in seconds. Use only a deep bowl to avoid splashing.

The question: How can I clean discolored plastic parts of my hand mixer?
The answer: For high-color foods (e.g., carrots, beets), the plastic parts may discolor. Wipe with a soft cloth and cooking oil before rinsing.

The question: Are the knives and attachments of my hand mixer dishwasher safe??
The answer: Everything depends on a specific model and manufacturer. Most manufacturers make their kitchen appliances with removable and dishwasher-safe parts. And the attachments, a knife insert can often be dishwasher safe. The motor part of the appliance or the blender bar must not be immersed in a dishwasher or in the water. Only wipe the motor part with a damp, soft cloth. In any case, read the instructions for use before using your hand mixer.

The question: Has my hand mixer overheat protection?
The answer: If the device is overheating protected, the motor part can be switched off automatically. Some models may be equipped with special air vents to prevent overheating. If your hand-held motor motor stops or runs slowly, turn off the unit. The engine should be cooled significantly. After a cooling period of at least 10 minutes, the hand mixer can be switched on again. Do not forget that you can not use the hand mixer for more than 5 minutes.

The question: Which ingredients can I use with my hand mixer??
The answer: The hand mixers were specially developed for kneading the dough and stirring the baking mixes. You can effortlessly process all the ingredients.

The question: what additional parts can be included in the scope of delivery of a hand mixer?
The answer: Modern hand mixers can be supplied with different parts, including: hand blender, blender, dough hook, whisk, lidded container and much more. These models are a little more expensive than the traditional hand blenders. But you have different options to prepare different dishes.


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