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Huh, what do recipes have to do with sustainability? A whole lot. Because those who cook themselves almost automatically solve a whole series of problems that are caused by the growing number of convenience and finished products: palm oil, additives, multiple packaging …

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Cooking with a few recipes helps to reduce the amount of garbage and to be able to decide for yourself what you actually eat. The more natural the condition in which you buy the products – that is, fruits and vegetables that you can identify as such and that you buy in health food stores and on regional markets, the better.

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Milk rice cake: basic recipe and variations

by Julia Dumpling | November 13, 2019 With a milk rice cake, you turn your favorite dessert into a delicious cake. The basic recipe is very simple and works without baking. Continue reading

Speculat Tiramisu: A recipe for the Christmas dessert

by Charlott Morling | November 13, 2019 Spekulatius Tiramisu is prepared quickly and offers a delicious way to process old speculaas leftovers. Here you will find a recipe for the Christmas variant of the dessert classic. Continue reading

Baby food plan: What to look out for when feeding

by Madeleine Steinfeldt | November 12, 2019 A carefully selected health plan is important to ensure you have enough of your baby by the seventh month at the latest. Continue reading

Sheet cake from the tin: recipe with seasonal ingredients

by Rosalie Böhmer | November 11, 2019 Fruit cake from the tin is versatile and delicious. Depending on the season, you can use different types of fruit. We will show you a basic recipe for pies and give you tips on how to prepare it seasonally. Continue reading

Tomato soup from fresh tomatoes: a simple recipe

by Pascal Thiele | November 11, 2019 You can make a tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes quickly and easily yourself. We will introduce you to a light recipe and show you delicious variations for the soup. Continue reading

Roast cauliflower: cook with and without first cooking

by Daniela Staber | November 11, 2019 Frying cauliflower is a great way to prepare the vegetables differently. What you should pay attention to and when you should cook the cauliflower beforehand, you will find in this guide. Continue reading

Make your own gifts: Brownie baking mix in the glass

by Annika Flatley | November 11, 2019 Especially if you do not know exactly what to give to someone, small home-made gifts from the kitchen are often ideal. This baking mix in the glass is quite easy to do yourself – we show how it works. Continue reading

Quick apple pie: he’ll be ready in an hour

by Paula Boslau | November 10, 2019 A quick apple pie from the tin is delicious and quickly prepared. Here is a simple recipe for the cake classic – with a vegan version! Continue reading

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