Finger games for children

On Fingerspiel is a type of action in which the fingers can take on the role of people, animals or objects. Finger games are often accompanied by funny-sounding rhymes or nursery rhymes that entertain but also amuse the child.

Toddlers in particular love these games and find it fascinating to watch the flowing movements of the fingers. The little ones often feel encouraged to imitate them eagerly. The finger play is underestimated by many. It has long been found that finger games, of whatever kind, contribute to a healthy mental and physical development of the child.

A pedagogical theorem for finger games is:

Children learn by "understanding", which means that they first have to grasp things with their hands and feet in order to grasp them correctly. An infant is already learning its environment know by grasping objects and e.g. in your mouth.
When a baby grows up to a toddler, the language level is added. The usual learning behavior continues automatically. It wants to reach for the words and feel its meaning with all the senses. That is why finger games are ideal for translating words into small movements so that they can be memorized better.

The basis for any kind of finger games are still the songs or rhymes. The rule here is: the more words that rhyme, the more popular finger play is.

What finger games for children do you know?

Five little men went into the forest

Five little men went into the forest,
they wanted to catch a rabbit.
The first was as thick as a barrel,
he always grumbled:
"Where’s the has, where’s the has" .
The second called:
"There it is, there it is!".
The third, that was the longest
but also the fear,
he started to cry:
"I don’t see any, I don’t see any."
The fourth called:
"This is too stupid for me, I’ll go back."
And the smallest, who would have thought that,
he brought the rabbit home,
everyone laughed there
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !

Ene, mene, crap

Ene, mene, crap,
it rattles in the box.
Ene, mene, meck,
and you’re gone.

You are far from gone,
tell me how old you are first!
One two three four five six.

At school

One two three four five six seven,
is written in school,
laughed at school,
until the teacher makes a splash.
Ouch, teacher, it hurts,
I will never come tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow again
but then with grandpa.
Grandpa is not stupid at all,
smashes the nose of the teacher.
One two Three
and you are free.

Thanks to Christine Franosch winner, I edited the article.

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