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Here you can find all information about the MBA in Controlling. So it can go down to the board room, as we show with examples. And we not only have an overview of all colleges and MBA programs (whether full-time, part-time or distance), but also basic information about content, costs and more. There are also reports from graduates!

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When decisions are made based on facts and decisions that have already been made are checked for success, controllers are used. But Controlling is much more than counting peas. In addition to marketing, controlling has become one of the most important functional areas in almost every company today.

You want to further qualify for this? Then an MBA degree in the field of controlling can be exactly the right step for you.

Controlling MBA: Information, Testimonials, Degree Programs

What you should know about studying

As mentioned, controlling is an indispensable part of business practice: not in public companies and certainly not in medium-sized and large companies. In particular, graduates of an MBA study also have here good career opportunities.

These career opportunities do not end in middle management. Numerous CFOs or too CEOs of large companies are controllers – With an appropriate MBA you can stand out from the professional competitors in the top jobs.

What does the field of work of a controller look like in everyday working life? This profession has less with control than with purposeful preparation to do different company data. Controllers bring together information that executives need to make decisions, plan and monitor fulfillment of plans, and coordinate individual leadership levels to effectively achieve business goals.

In short, Controllers support the executives and contribute decisively to the success of the targeted control of the company‘s operational processes.

study forms

A Controlling MBA degree program is available with a wide variety of study forms and concepts. A short overview:

Controlling MBA as. procedure Requirement
Full-time study They visit the lectures at the respective university or FH weekly during the day. This MBA degree is difficult to combine with a job, so students should be ready to go without a full-time job for about 3-4 semesters.
Part-time attendance study The lectures take place either in the weekends (for example, from 18:00 o’clock) or in block seminars at the weekend. You need to be motivated to go to school after a day’s work. In addition, the university should not be too far from their place of work or residence.
Distance Learning They contribute the majority of the course contents themselves at home by means of study books. Sometimes there are additional attendance courses. It is important to be able to motivate yourself to learn. The workload is about 10-15 hours per week for about 2 years.


The University of Münster calls its MBA Accounting & Controlling though as Part time, however, in the first few semesters there are several weeks in which the MBA students study on the spot, before then self-study phases are added. The University of Regensburg also has a concept that requires holidays: The lectures of the MBA Controlling take place in monthly intensive blocks (all day Thursdays to Saturdays).

You can study the MBA as well as distance learning, e.g. at the Danube University Krems in Austria. The focus is on blended learning, ie the combination of distance learning elements (e-learning, video lectures, digital documents) and a few face-to-face phases.

It is accordingly important, that you are interested in the colleges that are of interest to you exactly about the process inform the (extra occupational or full-time) Controlling study, after all, usually a job is still possible.

study course & -duration

In most MBA courses, you will learn in the first few semesters Generalist knowledge from all disciplines of business administration. As the study progresses, more and more specialized controlling content will be on the curriculum.

The duration is between two and three years, So four and six semesters.




Who decides for the Danube University Krems >

The German universities are more restrictive in the area of ​​MBA controlling. Without previous Bachelor’s degree or diploma nothing is working. In addition, will be Professional experience and knowledge in accounting and controlling provided – depending on the provider between one and three years.


An MBA is not cheap – as you can see from examples below, the costs of MBA controlling are always in the five-digit range, between about 12,000 and 17,000 euros.


  • University of Regensburg: 14,000 euros in full-time study
  • University of Münster: 11,950 euros
  • FHDW: 16,500 euros
  • Danube Uni Krems: 16.900 Euro

If you are thinking about funding, you should not forget that yet Cost of hotel stays on and for the journeys to the place of study as well as course material can be added.

Tips for alternatives:

If you want to qualify for a career in controlling, a suitable MBA is actually the first choice. However, if you do not want to specialize in such a “pointed” way, but would rather build something wider, you also have several options to choose from. For example:

Did you know that.

. the word "Controlling" is a German pseudo-angelism?

. The first German Controlling Chair was established in 1973 at the TU Darmstadt?

. BVBC has hosted the congress fair ReWeCo once a year for 40 years?

User reviews

What do those who know best say? We interviewed graduates from a Controlling MBA about their experiences via Xing. Since not every respondent wanted to be recognizable by name, we publish only the first names. All reports are 100% true and independent.

That’s why I opted for this MBA study:
"With a scientific education I have worked for a group of chem. Industry worked as a laboratory / project manager in the chemical-technical field. I had a "great idea" (of which I am still convinced today). To get the necessary resources, my former supervisor and I spoke with Marketing. They calculated that within 5 minutes, that would not be worth it. Both my supervisor and I were still convinced of the opposite. We knew that the reason was not "the payment" could be.

At that time I decided that I wanted to know how to "in marketing", so that does not happen to me again. Six months later, I had the opportunity to switch to marketing, which I did. And for that, I wanted to have a basic foundation. First "Training courses (1 week crash course) were not enough for me> therefore the MBA in Controlling & Accounting"

The MBA was worth it for me / not worth it, because.
"The MBA was definitely worth it. As a technician, I was able to work in development with a lot more understanding (and therefore more successful). The further personal and technical progress is u.a. also based on the fact that an economic understanding exists. I could not fulfill my current job as a commercial manager without the MBA. So that means I would not be in that position today if I had not done the MBA.."

For whom is this study recommended and whom would you advise against?

"I would advise against anyone – each training extends the knowledge and skills and is therefore important.

I would especially recommend an MBA, especially for natural scientists – or better for all non-business economists, since business administration knowledge should now be part of the basic training in industry. This certainly applies especially to sales-oriented positions or positions with managerial responsibility, but also for purely technology-related positions.

Ultimately, each project is based on controlling (not just financials), as well as discussions with management or customers. So it is always beneficial to have knowledge in these subjects. The MBA may be a refresher for business administration students who have studied, but they should have already completed the MBA during their studies. MBA may be more practical. From my point of view, it makes sense for this group to devote itself to other topics, as they will have more content."

I opted for this MBA because.
. it was one of the few that could be timed to combine with my job. Many extra-occupational programs take place every week on fixed days, which is not possible with my job with many travel activities. My chosen studies were always one-week block events, which were already known at the beginning of my studies and I was able to classify this better.

I had been looking for a suitable study for a few years before. Basically, I wanted to do an MBA, as this improves my job prospects in the job market – without a course of study you will not even be invited to job interviews, no matter how much experience you have.

The MBA was worth it for me / not worth it, because.
The MBA was worth it for me! First, because I really enjoyed it and broadened my horizons. On the other hand, this gave me the job of managing director in my company.

For whom is a Controlling MBA recommended and who would you advise against?
A special Controlling study I recommend only people who really work in controlling or intend to do so. I would not choose this course if I did not know what to study, just to study. You need a great affinity to numbers and should be able to recognize relationships well.

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