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What you should consider when hiking in autumn

Autumn blogger walk on the Lahn Heights

Prepare softshells properly for fall and winter

Filming with the WDR Studio Dortmund

Practical test: Berghaus Extrem Reversa Jacket – reversible jacket

Radio interview with the SWR1 Rhineland-Palatinate – hiking, trekking, outdoor fun – this is how hiking is today

Trekking on the Ederhöhenpfad and Urwaldsteig (1/4)

What to do if you only have four days and can not decide between two longer quality hiking trails? Quite simply: You simply combine parts of both ways and hopes that you have chosen the most beautiful sections. So we did it with the Ederhöhenpfad and Urwaldsteig in Waldecker Land in Hesse. We want to spend two days on each of the two hiking trails and discover the varied landscape to the right and left of the Eder. Continue reading

Practical test: Merrell ladies sandal Jacardia

So far, women have come to me briefly in the blog when it came to reviews or product ideas. Naturally, I’m primarily interested in men’s clothing and shoes.

Therefore, I am all the more pleased to present a test report for my readers: The practical test of the Jacardia ladies sandal by Merrell. Thank my wife. And Merrell, make it possible!

Without water it does not work when hiking

When hiking, you have to be careful not only with great effort and heat that you drink enough and regularly. Because only when the fluid balance of your body is in balance, the full capacity is maintained.

Especially in strenuous physical stress and hot temperatures, the body has a particularly high fluid requirements, which must be covered on the way, so that the vital metabolic processes can proceed without restriction.

How to do that best and what to pay attention to, you will learn in this article.

Introduced: Eyjafjallajökull Jacket by 66 ° North from Polartec Alpha

With the sporty-elegant Eyjafjallajökull Jacket, the Icelanders from 66 ° North present a warming and functional piece of jewelry for women in the typical 66 ° North design. Thanks to the innovative and brand new Polartec® Alpha® the fashionable jacket convinces with a very low weight, best thermal performance and breathability.

Hiking on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca

A few weeks ago I was with the family on a summer vacation in Mallorca. Almost two weeks we spent a pure beach holiday and sun, sand and sea enjoyed. Even if I love the sea and it can very well endure the whole day on the beach in the sun, I had to think of the hiking possibilities on the beautiful Balearic island every now and then.

For more than a short hike through the S’Albufera Nature Park, I did not go on holiday. For more it was too hot. But one thing I had in mind: When I’m back home, I wanted to deal with the hiking opportunities and the conditions in Mallorca closer.

After-work hike around Obersprockhövel

The summer is actually the only season, where I can do a little hike after work. Because it stays light longer and it is usually still warm in the evening – or as in July 2013 – it is not so hot anymore.

This time I chose as an after-work hike, a round about 10 km around Obersprockhövel, which I discovered at Outdooractive. This leads u.a. through the nature reserves “Wald am Ober Paasbach” and “Am Nockenberg”. Continue reading

Ten tips for safe mountain hiking

When hiking, different conditions apply than in the lowlands or low mountain ranges. On the one hand, in the mountains and on the alpine terrain, the paths are more demanding and the potential for danger much greater. On the other hand, the equipment, your physical performance and your personal experience are more demanding.

And even the weather can quickly become life-threatening in the mountains due to weather changes and sudden thunderstorms. Old snow fields, avalanches and rockfalls are other sources of danger that you should not underestimate in the mountains. Continue reading

Practical test: Source Gobi hiking and trekking sandals

In the summer there is actually no better footwear than sandals for me. Because sandals are pretty light and offer an extremely airy feel. So I did not have to think too long when the Israeli company Source offered to test their hiking and trekking sandals Gobi. Because Source is a pioneer in terms of sandal technology and one of the largest sandals manufacturers.


Who writes here?

My name is Jens and I write here around the topics of hiking, trekking and outdoor.

I am an absolute outdoor enthusiast: Even as a child, there was nothing better for me than being out in nature. And that has not changed until today.

For me, hiking and trekking means experiencing nature first hand with all the senses and, for me, an ideal balance to everyday life.

I would like to share this passion for outdoor activities here on my blog.

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