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About me

Hello, nice that you found on my site.

The idea for this site came to me because I had such incredible adventures in China that I thought it could be made directly into a movie or a book. So I made this page.

On my page you find:

  • extraordinary travel reports with adventurous journeys all over the world.
  • practical travel tips and travel information
  • many beautiful pictures
  • and much more…

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About me

My name is Valentin and I love traveling. And most of the time when I travel, it gets adventurous. I love exploring other worlds and cultures, absorbing the atmosphere in other places and meeting new people.

I have always had a great interest in the distance. I looked after the planes in the sky and wondered where they were going. Hills have always fascinated me. What is behind it and behind it? That always gave my imagination a strong boost. So I loved to paint island pictures, in which I painted beautiful landscapes.

Later I was in the fields and in the forest almost every day. I knew every way and every meter. I loved trying new ways and making new experiences. Every corner had something special for me and I enjoyed my own atmosphere from every place. One of my favorite pastimes at the time was trying to get lost. It happened that I took some road and had the hope to come out in a brand new place and to be surprised that I am somewhere else. But unfortunately that has never worked out so well. Later, in big cities, I actually got lost, but that was not so funny anymore.

The stories that fascinated me as a child were, for example, the biography of Francis Chichester, who sailed around the world and crossed the Pacific in a small plane, or the biography of Heinrich Harrer. So I tried a lot of things: From gliding to sailing I tried everything. Later, it actually took me far into the world. You can read some of my adventures here.

On my travels, I always took the curiosity and openness of my first adventures in the forest and experienced a few extraordinary adventures.

I am particularly sensitive to moods and office atmospheres in places. It tempts me to absorb the moods in me and feel like it is in one place. I also love getting to know the locals, seeing the normal in one place and looking behind the scenes. To go to places that are not just for tourists. Normal places to discover.

I hope you have fun on my side and maybe take one or the other.

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