Is lexoffice worthwhile for founders and freelancers?

So lexoffice helps self-employed and freelancers with the bookkeeping

Lexware’s lexoffice accounting software helps bookkeepers and freelancers with bookkeeping and facilitates recurring tasks such as writing invoices or making quotes.

We looked closely at the software and how it also makes your bookkeeping easier.

lexoffice review: What functions does the accounting software have??

The following video provides a first insight into the features of lexoffice:

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Already when calling lexoffice, the clearly structured website stands out.

After clicking on “Test now for 30 days for free” and entering your e-mail address you can start the test directly without installation.

After the obligatory e-mail confirmation, you will get into a visually pleasing tidy dashboard with just a few clicks.

lexoffice dashboard

After choosing one of the lexoffice versions, you will be taken to the lexoffice Dashboard.

There you will find all the functions in a few clicks and can make your accounting effectively.

Where the individual functions are to be found exactly, you can look again in the following video:

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What are the first steps with lexoffice?

After registering, you should follow the steps below to get the most out of the trial period:

  • complete your company data
  • connect lexoffice with your bank account
  • Choose a print template for your offers and invoices

Optionally, you can also import your data into lexoffice via CSV import.

Write offers

After clicking on “Create offer” in the upper right corner of the dashboard, a new window opens.

There you should first enter the address data of your recipient. You can either take these from your contacts or create a new contact in just a few steps.

Then you can insert products or services and create the offer in just a few clicks.

Once all the data has been inserted, you can send the offer directly by e-mail, save it or print it as a PDF file.

to draw up the invoices

After clicking on “New Invoice” an invoice template opens, which again convinces with a tidy surface.

First, select the recipient of the invoice. If this is the first invoice you create with lexoffice, you can create a new customer in a few steps, which will automatically be saved in your contacts.

In the main view, the recipient data has been automatically inserted in the space provided. To the right of the recipient you will find formal information such as the invoice number, the customer number, the invoice creation date and the delivery date.

Depending on the particular customer, a contact person can now be selected to whom the invoice should be sent. An introductory text can also be determined or can easily be taken from the template.

Then you can list the products or services sold, including their description and selling price. You can change the quantities and the number of items by a few clicks.

Once all data in the invoice has been filled in, the invoice can be saved as a draft, sent by e-mail or printed.

Subsequent invoice processing

From now on it is also possible to process completed invoices. Typing errors or incorrect quantities may require subsequent processing.

To edit the invoice later, proceed as follows:

  • In the Invoice overview menu, select the invoice number to be processed
  • In the displayed info box, select the edit function under Further actions
  • Subsequently, the bill can be edited later

lexoffice cash book

The accounting software also enables the creation of a cash book.

How this works, shows the following video:

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Online banking connection

You can connect lexoffice directly to your business account to get sales directly from your bank account.

How easy it is to integrate your business account and get the revenue, look here:

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Income surplus calculation (EÜR)

Under the menu items Accounting and Revenue Surplus Calculation you can create the EÜR in a few steps.

Of course there is also a tutorial for this function:

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DATEV Export

For tax consultants, the corresponding data can be easily exported. After you have started the export, you will be informed by e-mail after completion.

The tax accountant can in turn read and process the data into his accounting system.

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time and Attendance

By working with TimeTrack, you can track the time spent on your tasks through the app and then submit it to your accounting department in lexoffice.

The TimeTrack app for iOS can be downloaded here in the App Store.

How to attach TimeTrack to lexoffice:

  1. Install TimeTrack Free on your smartphone
  2. Open the menu and select TimeTrack Cloud and follow the instructions
  3. Then open the “TimeTrack Web App”
  4. There you choose the section “Settings / Integration” and activate with one click the connection to your “lexoffice account”
  5. After the connection between “lexoffice” and “TimeTrack” is established, you can transfer the invoice data of “TimeTrack” directly to the accounting department “lexoffice

Interface to AdBill

AdBill allows agencies to bill cross-platform and fully automated online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads or facebook Ads.

You can test the software for 60 days for free and connect it to lexoffice in three steps:

  1. Create a free AdBill account
  2. Connect the software under “Settings->Integrations “with lexoffice
  3. From now on you can transfer your bill to lexoffice

Collaboration with WooCommerce and Versacommerce

From now on, you can connect WooCommerce-Shops to lexoffice and use the shop software Versacommerce in conjunction with the accounting software.

The individual possibilities for WooCommerce shop operators can be found here, the functions for Versacommerce users are explained here.

lexoffice prices: what does the software cost?

lexoffice is available in three versions:

With the version accounting & EÜR you can handle all your accounting independently via lexoffice.

Through the online access, the billing program can be used by Windows or Mac users at the same time and also a mobile access is possible at any time.

Let’s take a closer look at the versions:

bill & finances

bill & Finance is perfect for getting started and offers the following features:

Ideal if you want to put more in the hands of your accountant.

accounting & finances

accounting & Finance is the middle version of lexoffice and offers the following additional features:

Ideal if you work in parallel with a tax consultant.

accounting & reports

accounting & Reports is the most comprehensive version and offers the following features in addition to the above:

  • Income surplus calculation (EÜR)
  • Capture and manage assets
  • Corrections and transfers

Ideal if you do everything yourself – including the annual accounts and the tax.

You should also know about lexoffice

Below we have created a small FAQ for you, ie frequently asked questions about lexoffice.

Where can I find the lexoffice login??

To log in to lexoffice, you must first visit the lexoffice website.

There you will find the option to login in the top menu.

Afterwards a new window opens and you can log in with your previously created data.

What do customers say about their experiences with lexoffice??

The people behind lexoffice consulted extensively with people working in the field during the planning phase of the software and provided feedback on the functions.

In the video you will find some voices from customers about their experiences with lexoffice:

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Can I also handle my bookkeeping via a lexoffice app??

The software is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices, so you can conveniently access the accounting software or scan documents using the Scan app while on the go.

How can I contact lexoffice support? Is there a hotline??

You can reach the support team at 0800 – 66 455 66 free of charge. For further questions you can also send an e-mail to [email protected] or use the contact form.

Can I also use lexoffice with a Mac??

Yes, since the billing software is called in the browser and no installation is necessary, you can use the software on any device.

Are there any alternatives to lexoffice?

As always, it is up to the user what features are really needed.

As alternatives we can recommend you FastBill and SevDesk.


Especially for sole proprietors and freelancers, lexoffice is ideal for making bookkeeping easier.

Due to the 30-day trial period, you can test the billing software without risk and see if you like the software completely.

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