Is the factoring worthwhile for founders?

Is the factoring worthwhile for founders?

Is worth the factoring of for founders? offers factoring for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses.

We looked at how factoring works and what you should consider when using it.

How does work? pre-finances your bills and increases your liquidity.

Thus, you do not have to wait until the bills are paid and reduce the risk of default on an invoice.

How much is the factoring at

Since the factoring fees are calculated individually, we unfortunately can not give you a specific number.

According to the website, the factoring fee starts at 0.5% (plus VAT) of the final invoice amount.

Among other things, the fee depends on yours and the creditworthiness of the client as well as the payment date of the invoice.

However, once you have uploaded your bill, you will be notified of the individual factoring fee. Then you can decide if the invoice will be released for factoring.

How can I upload an invoice to

After the free registration at you can upload your first invoice and release it for factoring.

After you have uploaded the bill, it is checked internally and you can see the individual factoring fee after checking, which depends among other things on the invoice amount of the bill.

If you agree with the amount, you can release the invoice for factoring.

Frequently asked questions about

Before using the factoring provider, the same questions often arise.

We have listed and answered these below.

What do I do if my client does not pay?

As soon as you have submitted the invoice, the factoring provider will completely cover the default risk of the bill.

If the customer has not yet paid after the payment date, a payment reminder will be sent first.

If no payment has been received after that, the factoring provider takes care of any reminders or collection services.

Do I have to submit any invoice I have made to

No, the factoring provider does not require a minimum number of invoices, so you can decide for each invoice individually whether you send them to or directly to your client.

Which invoices can I pre-finance?

You can submit any invoice that has been rendered within the last 45 days.

In addition, the invoice may not yet be available to the invoice recipient, which will be sent by to him.

In addition to the factoring fees, additional costs arise?

No, charges no additional costs such as monthly fees or interest.

Summary offers factoring for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses. Paying out within 24 hours will allow you to increase your liquidity quickly and insure against the loss of an invoice.

Due to the individual fees, you can decide individually for each invoice, whether you want to send them via the factoring provider or directly to your client – a minimum number of invoices to be submitted does not exist.

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