Dental insurance experts, customers about us

Dental insurance experts, customers about us

Customers about us

As always have answered almost at the speed of light to my request. Thank you very much. I have today an appointment with my dentist agreed and will now test the services described in practice.

For your very fast, always friendly and always informative service I would like to express my thanks again. I will pass on my experiences to my friends and acquaintances and recommend your service.

I would like more companies to deal so positively with customers and prospects. Then you would not have more of the "Service desert Germany" speak.

I would very well imagine working in such a company.

Yours sincerely

Stefan R. from Nuremberg

Thank you for your quick reply!

One day, getting hit by your side was a godsend, it seems. Keep it up!

Mirijam N. from Hallstadt

Thank you for your service regarding the complaint regarding the treatment of my son’s orthodontics.

The subsequent assumption of the costs on the part of Signal Iduna is due to your negotiation.

I will recommend you, because as usual from the end, questions and concerns on your part

be handled correctly and quickly.

Stefanie C. from Berlin

Dear Mr. Waizmann.,

Thank you very much for the advice. Unbelievable that there is such a kind of competent advice.

Silvia T. from Norderstedt

Thank you for quickly answering my questions.

I am enthusiastic about your service and will take care of your advice for the time being only for the dental protection.

If any further questions arise I will contact you again. Otherwise, I will send you the signed documents in the next few days.

Andreas M. from Kulmbach

Thank you for the fast answer.

That’s the difference between self-employed and employees. You are working almost 7×24. Your service is sensational, I would like to get rid of it.

Holger S. from Munich

Dear Mr.Waizmann,

I thank you for your fast, correct answer and your uncomplicated future help with problems. One does not know this so from insurance. I think I can recommend you without hesitation.

Andrea F. from Frankfurt a. M.

As promised, I will contact you again. I have followed your advice and am now at the beginning of June 2008 again to my dentist. In the meantime, the amalgam filling was actually broken and it is high time to replace it with a ceramic inlay. So I sent the treatment and cost plan to ARAG last Monday and today I got the message by post that the costs will be covered up to 80% (including the SHI share). Thank you very much for the tip and also the ARAG 100 I can recommend unreservedly!

Titian L. from Cologne

Hello Mr. Waizmann,

Thank you for the quick and competent answer to my question. A great service that I would like from many companies.

Franziska M. from Garching

Thank you very much for the very extensive answer. Really a great service you offer.

So I will then contact you after my dental treatment, which is expected to be completed in December, and I hope that you can still offer me the rate of CSS then.

Stefan G. from Dusseldorf

Dear Mr. Waizmann,

Thank you for the super fast response, this is really perfect customer service. Now I hope for CSS.

Manfred L. from Heidelberg

Thank you for the info. I have just received the message that the DKV corrected my bills. How gratifying.

Nevertheless, I find the insurance offered by you more attractive, especially in terms of prophylaxis (prof. Tooth cleaning is one, or?), So a change is still desirable.

In due course, I’ll just check your portal again and let you know if I have any questions about completing the new insurance. My treatment will be completed at this point, so there should be no problems.

Thank you very much for the competent advice and your support.

I will recommend you!

Christine F. from Bremen

Man, Mr. Waizmann, if I had not come to you, I think I would die stupidly. Thank you for stopping me. ;-)

After consultation with my dentist, I like to come back to you.

Thanks again.

Agnes K. from Mühldorf

I am thrilled with the fast processing and also with the detailed and above all comprehensible documents.

This convinced me to take out the insurance, although I receive special conditions as a bank employee.

Martin H. from Hamburg

Dear Mr. Waizmann,

I would like to thank you for the prompt answering of my questions and for the advice. Such a precise answer to all questions (even if only one "Yes" is the answer), I have not come up yet.

So hereby a big compliment to you.

Furthermore, I will now bring my tarnished treatment as planned to completion and then again, so in about 8 months, to represent you.

Sandra P. from Pfarrkirchen

Short feedback for you regarding my request in the case mentioned below.Have kept exactly to your excellent information sheet.

Result: the Signal Iduna has today reimbursed approximately EUR 70.00. Absolutely uncomplicated. I’m pleasantly surprised.

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