Cancellation and transfer

Cancellation and transfer

Cancellation and transfer

The guide informs you how to cancel a booking at, which cancellation fees apply, whether you can rebook the trip and much more.

If something comes in between

You have already booked months in advance your holiday trip, looking forward to a wonderful beach holiday. But a lot can happen until the start of your trip! Be it a disease, an injury, an accident in the family or any other reason that prevents the already booked and already paid travel.

If something unforeseen intervenes or the children get seriously ill just 3 days before the start of the journey, you often have to throw your travel plans overboard. If you have to cancel your holiday completely at such a short notice, that is canceled, the tour operator no longer has the opportunity to rebook or find a replacement. The fees for the cancellation are usually high. The decisive factor is the time when you cancel the trip. Short-term cancellations should therefore be avoided if possible.

In order to keep the financial risk as low as possible and to avoid unnecessarily high cancellation costs, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. As a rule, this takes over the cancellation costs, provided that the reason for cancellation meets the insurance conditions.

Caution: Tourists must cancel their trip immediately after the occurrence of the insured event in writing in order to minimize the damage.

If you have to rebook or cancel your trip for unforeseeable reasons, please let us know in writing by email, fax or letter. Depending on the time of your resignation different cancellation fees apply, which are listed in our general terms and conditions under 4.3 as follows.

Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions that remain unanswered here by phone
+49 (0) 9363-5355. Or by email at [email protected] or our contact form

Amount of the cancellation costs

The compensation claim is staggered in time, i. the closer the cancellation date (receipt of the customer’s cancellation declaration) to the booked arrival date, the higher the costs.
The cancellation fees will be calculated as follows:

* The table is for overview purposes only. Our general terms and conditions are legally binding.

Can I rebook my trip??

A claim to a rebooking after conclusion of the contract for changes in the travel date, the destination, the place of travel, the accommodation does not exist. However, if you would like to make a change or change, please contact us. If your transfer request is possible and feasible, we will of course like to comply.

The following rebooking fees are due:

Object or travel type * Amount of rebooking costs *
in apartments / houses until 40 days before departure 20,00 €
at hotel or apartment complexes until 40 days before departure 20,00 €
in other types of travel until 40 days before departure 20,00 €
for short-term repostings less than 40 days before departure – costs on request

* The table is for overview purposes only. Our general terms and conditions are legally binding.

Travel cancellation insurance

If, unfortunately, you can not avoid it and you actually have to cancel your holiday, you’d rather make arrangements, avoid additional cancellation fees and conclude a travel cancellation insurance. As a rule, the latter will pay the cancellation costs, provided that the reason for cancellation (eg illness, serious accident, death of an insured person or a close relative) fulfills the insurance conditions, ie is an insured event. So be sure to read it through thoroughly.

There are insurance companies With and without deductible. Also, the extent of insurance cover, the insured persons, exclusions of insurance benefits, etc., vary depending on the provider. Again, it is advisable to study the terms and conditions exactly.

You can either externally cancel any travel cancellation insurance or directly with us at the conclusion of a booking an RRV.

Trip interruption insurance

Travel cancellation fees including travel cancellation insurance in one package

So when you take out insurance, look for what type of insurance is involved. Is it just a travel cancellation insurance (often as "Standard fare" or insurance, both "Cancellation and travel cancellation insurance" in a package (often as "Premium" or "Top Protection" called) offers. Not that in a premature trip abruptly the evil awakening comes.

✔ Our URV includes the "Premium Protection", so travel cancellation costs + travel cancellation insurance in
a package. So you are well protected here!

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