Clever tips on the subject of home

At home

Many useful tips and tricks for everyday family life at home. With advice topics for shopping, online shopping and great gift ideas. In addition, for the little ones the useful children’s tips, baby tips and crafting tips. For the family life at home the clever game tips, animal tips and barbecue tips. And for the adults the useful flirting tips, relationship tips and party tips.

Useful knowledge about breastfeeding and breast milk

When the long-awaited baby is finally born, the parents start a very special and exciting time. Much will then be new in the coexistence and a lot of things will have to be brought in with time.

From A to Z prepare for a relaxed and comfortable traveling

The well-deserved holiday is getting closer, the days are numbered. The whole family is looking forward to the best time of the year and the suitcases are already packed. Now it’s time to relax and unwind.

Hold the family idyll on Polaroid

The family idyll exists in reality in most cases as it likes to be portrayed in social media. Of course, this should not be judged as far from reality in any way. Nevertheless, one should make life as beautiful as possible […]

Annoyance instead of holiday joy – exploit problems with the flight

Long-distance travel is in vogue, after all, the flights are always cheaper. But what if there are delays and the connecting flight is no longer reached? Which services you are entitled to during the waiting time at the airport and which claims you claim afterwards […]

Low vision in children: how to recognize them and what helps them

It is estimated that at least one in ten children in Germany suffer from poor eyesight. Ideally, the restriction is quickly detected and handled immediately. However, it is problematic if the vision problems of a child are discovered very late or not at all.

How children can help in the kitchen

In the kitchen, even the smallest children can help their parents, which is not only fun, but a good experience for the children.

How children learn to walk safely

Watching babies and toddlers grow up, many parents feel like a little miracle. The development steps just at the beginning are very amazing. Life begins as a helpless newborn, until in a relatively short time more and more abilities […]

Cheap sunny destinations for the winter holiday

Every year we would like to spend the whole winter in warmer climes. Unfortunately, this is not possible because the work here in cold, crisp Germany is waiting for us.

Dating via dating sites: It’s all about integrity!

Hardly a woman wants to live alone and for months and years alone and is looking for a partner at any age as a single. Through the Internet and a variety of dating sites are the possibilities huge, potentially […]

Escape the winter with these warm tips

Winter is a big challenge for many people. Here are some tips to escape the winter and enjoy even the dark hours.

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