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New Year’s Eve with children is often not an easy and fun undertaking for parents. The turn of the year is approaching and often the right ideas for New Year’s Eve are missing. To get around this problem, there is fortunately a very simple but great solution for families. Escape the stress and go on a New Year’s Eve holiday with your children. Take a short New Year’s Eve holiday outside the cities, in the peace and idyll of nature. Enjoy the advantages of a relaxed end and arrive carefree and relaxed in the new year!

New Year’s Eve is stuffed with traditions and customs. Therefore a short holiday on New Year’s Eve is something very special and can quickly become a family tradition! To make the last evening with the children a complete success, we have compiled a few tips and advice for you:

# Tip 1: Vacation in the holiday home To experience a special New Year’s Eve and to escape the annoying bustle, your own holiday home is just the right thing. The best place to do this is in a holiday park. These are well organized and offer various facilities which in turn provide a lot of variety. Holiday homes in the middle of nature, not too far away from home, an activity program for the whole family and a tropical bathing area ensure a perfect stay and lots of fun. The most beautiful holiday parks are located in Germany or close to the Dutch border. This allows you to reach your accommodation quickly and easily. Many houses in the holiday villages have their own parking lot. Arrival and unpacking are easy and make an uncomplicated New Year’s Eve trip possible!

# Tip 2: New Year’s Eve without fireworks New Year’s Eve, fireworks and other fireworks belong together and can never be separated. Parents of small children, babies or dogs know that this is not true for everyone. Already before New Year’s Eve there are enough firecrackers who don’t manage to curb their anticipation. And when New Year’s Eve really starts, there is no safe place outside for children. Carelessly ignited fireworks or rebounds can quickly become dangerous both for the little ones and for the parents. There are holiday cottage settlements that allow you a New Year’s Eve without banging. These holiday homes are mostly situated in the middle of nature or protected in small woods. Since many holiday villages have introduced the concept of fireworks-free New Year’s Eve without fireworks, the topic of safety for children on New Year’s Eve poses no problem.

# Tip 3: Quality Time with the Family What can you do on New Year’s Eve when there’s noise outside and the children’s tension grows? The constantly unexpected bangs are disturbing and frightening. Who would like to slide with its young family into the new year, can the day and evening therefore often not properly enjoy. The situation is completely different in your own holiday home. If the environment is stress-free, more can be done. The little ones can enjoy themselves outside during the day and have a relaxed meal together in the evening. Nothing stands in the way of a game evening on New Year’s Eve. The whole thing becomes particularly funny in large round with friendly children and families. Finally, under the supervision of mummy and daddy, lead castings and puzzles are made about the shape that has resulted. As soon as the children are in bed, there is enough time to drink a toast to the new year in twos or in a cosy group.

# Tip 4: Family holidays in the countryside Cities are not an ideal place for children who want to play outside during New Year’s Eve. Without nagging, the little ones in the apartment can hardly last more than two or three days. Outside it is so much more exciting and exciting than at home. The holiday parks are actually always surrounded by beautiful nature. Cosy walks and trips to the fresh air are a wonderful alternative. Most holiday parks are located on the edge of nature reserves and nature parks. The many forests, rivers and lakes offer a lot of variety and are ideal for the little explorers.

# Tip 5: Holiday home with sauna and lots of comfort Parents also need to relax! They work and take care of everything all year round. As the year draws to a close, it’s time to relax and unwind. Many holiday homes have their own saunas or wellness areas. Who would like then simply times a moment for itself, stretches here. While Daddy is out with the little ones and explores the forest or adventure playground, he can simply relax in the sauna or dive into the warm whirlpool. New Year’s Eve with children can be so relaxing!

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