Relationship Tips and Relationship Guide


Relationship tips as relationship counselor and love counselor for the long-term consolidation of your relationship.

Tips for Valentine’s Day with the best recipes

Valentine’s Day now has a permanent place in the calendar of celebrations and festivities and is a great occasion for a meal together with the partner. You do not have to go out at all.

Questions to ask yourself before trying to reunite with the ex-partner

Is it a good idea to get back together with the ex-partner? You should ask yourself some important questions before you want to win back the ex.

Home remedies at Lib />

Natural home remedies help against the loss of libido during menopause. It can often lead to sexual discomfort in this phase of the woman. So-called natural aphrodisiacs can help to restore momentum to the bedroom.

9 exciting facts about sex from research

Many interesting facts about sex as research results at a glance. Thus, you can live your pure femininity in sex. We hope you enjoy reading.

7 food as a natural aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs from your own household. The term aphrodisiac has already heard many people. They are natural things, mostly foods and herbs, which are supposed to make you want to get you excited about erotic desire. At first, most people certainly think […]

Recover the lost love

Tips and tricks for recovering a lost love. So you behave, if you want to win back your ex or an old love.

Write 6 tips for beautiful love letters

Our useful tips for writing love letters will help you to make a good impression on your loved one. There is hardly anything more romantic than a love letter.

Tips for living together by man & woman

Women are the “weak sex” and talk a lot all day long. Men, however, turn off at the eternal rattle and are basically more tech-savvy. There are many prejudices about both sexes, but how does it look if man and […]

facts & Prejudices about men & women

Interesting facts and funny prejudices about men and women. Men are bad cooks and women are not known to park, right? There are many prejudices for both sides of the sexes, but which ones are really right and which ones are just fictitious? Following […]

Tips for the romantic weekend for two

Tips for a romantic weekend for two. We help you to give your relationship a nice break. We have some tricks to revive love. We have been looking for the best tips for a romantic weekend. […]

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