Knights and castles: living in the middle ages


tell fantastic stories of noble gentlemen and scary ghosts. [more – listen | to the audio: Visor down, lance up! – Knight stories]

need Knight a coat of arms? ]

Medieval games – that was how it was back then

Medieval games That was almost only in the Middle Ages! Professions where you play. But not only jugglers were playful, also for the children and…

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    There shouldn’t be any brilliant performance, who reads that the places where most spoiled children live in America are the most expensive…

  • How do children live worldwide?

    October 21, 2014 by Daniel | No Comments The idea that children have the right to a protected space to keep themselves free and as long as possible…

  • Carcassonne: medieval trip for young knights

    In front of us, as radiantly beautiful as in a picture book: the medieval city of Carcassonne. Because of their perfect silhouette and their almost…

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