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6 home remedies for colds

We have collected natural home remedies for cold with many tips from granny times. Of course, now the cold and cold symptoms relieve and cure.

Treat inflammations with home remedies yourself

Natural home remedies for inflammation quickly produce. Tips against inflammation. Treat inflammation yourself without medication.

Natural home remedies for viruses (antivirals)

A scratch in the throat can quickly develop into a bad cold. Now, the body needs above all rest and relaxation, so that he can activate his self-healing powers. These counteract the common cold. After successful recovery, it is also possible to fulfill the daily duties […]

Tips and instructions for brushing teeth and dental care

Useful tips to brush your teeth and a guide to proper dental care. Some daily activities seem so normal to us that we do it without thinking about it. Who is already thinking about how he sits, how he gets up or how he gets his […]

Home remedies for inflammation in the mouth

Tips and natural home remedies for inflammation in the mouth. There are many reasons for inflammation of the oral mucosa. In addition to normal inflammation of the gums, bacteria, viruses or fungi can attack the sensitive mucous membranes painfully. These are due to improper oral hygiene or […]

6 home remedies for laryngitis

Among the most common causes of laryngitis are viruses and bacteria. They attack the mucosa of the larynx and cause swelling, pain and inflammation. In most cases, laryngitis occurs in conjunction with the respiratory tract, such as a […]

Combat means for flying & Distribute flies

Natural home remedies help combat fly and distribute. With our tips you can eliminate the annoying flies and get rid of the annoying houseflies. You do not always have to resort to the chemical leg. With instructions to build fly trap.

Home remedies for aphthae

With these home remedies for aphids, you can not go wrong. Just try. Get well!

Home remedies and food for colon cleansing

Natural home remedies and food for colon cleansing at a glance. To really cleanse the bowels, there are some tips and home remedies that can really help.

Home remedies for diarrhea and vomiting in dogs

Home remedies for diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Diarrhea in dogs and vomiting can have many reasons. Therefore, the dog does not always have to go to the vet immediately.

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