Tips in the zae emergency

Tips in the zae emergency

Cold Sensitivity In the first stage of pulp stimulation, the tooth is sensitive to cold. The possible causes are manifold, the most common are: leaky fillings, caries, exposed tooth necks. Sometimes it may help to cover the affected area with a sugar-free chewing gum.
Also, as a late consequence of a treatment (e.g., a new filling or crown), teeth may be sensitive to cold. This may be normal, but sensitivity should decrease in these cases.

Heat Sensitivity In the second stage of pulpitic irritation, heat sensitivity then occurs. The drug of choice here is the root canal at the dentist.
This is true even when the pain suddenly goes back completely. The cause of this apparent improvement is namely the death of the tooth nerve. This will be bacterially decomposed in the episode and the pain will return within days to weeks strengthened up to suppuration.

Bite sensitivity Cause is usually an inflamed tooth root.
Again, cool, heat, sun exposure and physical exertions are avoided. The inflammation can lead to massive swelling in a short time. Therefore, please visit a dentist as soon as possible.
The bite sensitivity may also be due to out-of-teeth, e.g. in an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

Thick cheek The thick cheek is i.d.R. attributed to an acute bacterial infection. Moist cold compresses and avoidance of heat and physical exertion. A dentist should be consulted immediately.

Bleeding after surgery Surgery often succeeds in calming the bleeding by compression of the wound. Use a clean cloth in which you knot and bite for about 30 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, look for a dentist.
The use of aspirin should be avoided as this medication promotes bleeding.

Crown / Bridge / Inlay lost Such restorations can come loose, either because the luting cement is tired after many years, or because a caries has formed beneath it. For a short time, you can re-paste the supply of toothpaste after you have cleaned it under tap water with a toothbrush. Of course, then a dentist must be visited for permanent re-attachment.

Provisional lost Again, it is advisable to use the temporary as an immediate measure with toothpaste again. First clean the temporary under running water with a toothbrush and try out the correct position. When bite together, the provisional should not disturb.

Filling out Your tooth is now usually tender, especially on sweet and cold. If a larger filling has dropped out, then the tooth is also fractured. Protect the tooth and have the filling renewed as soon as possible. The hole can be closed temporarily with sugarless chewing gum i.

Zahnfraktur Here are very different therapies.
If it is just a small piece, even smoothing the tooth or a filling is enough.
For large fractures, a crown will be required, possibly in conjunction with a screw-retained abutment and root canal treatment.
For very deep fractures only extraction is possible.
Visit a dentist in a timely manner!

Tooth knocked out Do not touch the tooth at the root, only at the crown. Put it in chilled milk to protect the epidermis, which is important for re-healing, from dehydration.
Find a dentist who will reposition and shine the tooth.

Denture fracture Never try to glue the denture yourself. First, it does not last and second, it makes it difficult to later proper repair, because then the fragments can not be put together exactly.
In the weekend emergency service is unfortunately not always a dental laboratory for this repair available. Therefore, it is best to first clarify by phone whether the dentist will even carry out this repair yourself in the practice laboratory.

Pressure point especially newly produced or relined dentures often lead to bruises. First, remove the denture from the mouth, but put it back a few hours before the visit to the dentist, so that the practitioner can see exactly where the pressure point is.

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