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We are there for you as a team – to ensure best treatment results

Every day, our dental practice team strives to provide you with a positive atmosphere and beneficial treatments. Every member of the dental practice team is involved in this process. In order to always offer you, as the patient, the best structures, the latest information and cutting-edge medical services, we all continue to regularly take advanced training.

Holistically during each phase of treatment. So feel free to ask any questions or problems you may have.

Mareen Wall tree

Dental administrative assistant: any dental practice organizational / accounting / management tasks

"Nothing functions without proper organization. I’m just in the right place here, because this is where I can apply and expand my experiences and knowledge by responsibly and independently taking care of a wide variety of tasks."

Anja Groß-Langenhoff

Dental practice management and dental administrative assistant: any dental practice organizational and management tasks

"Perfection makes no compromises. The modern take on a dental practice manager means the quality assurance and daily challenges are among my interesting tasks."

Denise Brauer

Dental assistant: Reception

"I take care of a wide variety of tasks. As a receptionist, I coordinate appointments and greet our patients, as well as the daily practice of dentistry. Every day is different. And that motivates me."

Loreen Orlandea

Dental assistant: Dental treatment assistance / photo manager

"Working with people – patient or fellow team members – is what i especially like about my profession. I enjoy giving patients back some quality of life. Working at the Lindeman dental practice allows me to continue learning and training – for example, in the field of patient documentation."

Yvonne Jahnke

Dental assistant and prophylaxis manager: PTC / caring for patients receiving periodontal treatment

"At the Lindeman dental practice, which is focused on further training, I have found a motivated and purposeful team where everyone does a lot for the well-being of patients and staff alike. Our motto: Preserving teeth in life promotes quality of life."

Susan Altenburg

Dental assistant and prophylaxis assistant with advanced training: prophylaxis, laboratory work

"Teaching them the correct brushing technique, keeping them healthy and responding to requests and needs in a personal conversation – simply holding their hand at times. I love the variety of my everyday work offers."

Claudia Beneke

Dental assistant and prophylaxis assistant with advanced training: teeth cleaning, prevention of dental problems during pregnancy and bleaching, as well as caring for patients receiving periodontal and implant treatments

"I’m happy when I see my patient with a smile and look forward to their next visit. It always motivates me to help our patients improve their health and regain their zest for life."

Natalie Bakulin

"I go wherever I am needed. Providing help is something that really motivates me. And the radiant smile of our patients motivates me even more. What excites me most at the Lindeman dental practice? I can accelerate my professional development through training and getting ahead in my career."

Alena Cernienko

Apprentice: prophylaxis for children

"I really like my profession because I love the work and interacting with people. Our younger patients are especially dear to my heart. I like to work as a treatment assistant as this allows me to take care of my patients’ well-being."

Christina Deis

"Thanks to the extensive range of treatments the dental practice offers, I can gain experience in all areas of dentistry: from dentures, to periodontology, through to implantology and oral surgery. It’s exciting and never gets boring."

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