Car alarm system – is it worth installing??

How does the car alarm work?

A modern car alarm system is a system consisting of several sensors connected to an electronic module (processor). The module analyzes the data and generates possible events. So if an attempted theft is detected, an alarm is triggered in the car. Normally, its activation is indicated by flashing indicators and a wailing siren. the operation of the alarm system is simple: when one of the sensors "reports" a security breach to the processor, the alarm is triggered and the device will block the ignition or the starter of the car through an internal or external relay.

Is the car alarm effective?

We will answer briefly – no. Just ask yourself when was the last time you noticed an alarm going off in a car on the road. Exactly, a long time ago. One thing is the lack of reaction of the witnesses, the other is that the alarm can be easily deactivated by a specialist. A factory-installed alarm system is known to every thief, and such an additional alarm system means a large number of new cables, sensors and a siren – these are elements that can be easily located in the car by thieves and quickly neutralized.It’s better to invest in an additional canlock security system, but we’ll get into that below.

What you should know about a car alarm system?

It is important to know that there are two types of devices called car alarms. These are alarms that are installed during the vehicle production phase and alarms that are additionally installed after the purchase of the vehicle. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. A factory-installed alarm seems better in theory, but in practice a thief can easily access the blueprints of a particular vehicle, so he quickly learns how to disassemble such an alarm system.

Therefore, additional alarm systems seem to be more effective. After all, they are put together by professional companies so they can make the task difficult for thieves. Unfortunately, this is only an illusion. Each additional alarm consists of many elements (installation, siren, etc.).) and requires a schematic connection. In fact, the thief has no additional difficulties to find and bypass the alarm system, and then the effectiveness of this security system decreases drastically.

Price list for car alarm systems

Car alarm prices vary widely. they depend on many factors and especially on the quality of the device and additional elements. The cheapest chinese alarm systems cost around 100 EUR, but their quality is unfortunately very controversial. Similar brand anti-theft devices cost at least 500 EUR.

The most expensive are car alarm systems equipped with GPS/GPRS module and many external sensors and remote controls. Such alarm systems cost up to several thousand zloty plus installation costs, and proper installation is of great importance with such a security system.

Is it worth installing a car alarm system??

Of course yes. The task of anti-theft devices is to make the thief’s "job" as difficult as possible (e.g., to prevent theft). B. To extend the time required to bypass the systems), and the alarm system, like any security system, makes it difficult to steal the car to some extent. However, it is an emergency solution that can prove to be one of the additional security elements. However, without an additional anti-theft device, it will prove ineffective. It is better to invest in more advanced solutions.

Canlock – effective anti-theft device

To protect your car effectively, you don’t have to spend a bag full of money or resort to NASA technology. You just need to choose proven anti-theft devices that thieves can’t bypass. One such solution is the digital canlock anti-theft device, which the thief cannot detect with a scanner, let alone bypass its operation.

  • KeyLess 2021 - CanLock Can-Bus
  • CanLock Can-Bus
  • CanLock car guards-DE2

Canlock protects the car from all classic and modern theft methods like:

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