Big fish for the g.a.s.

With fleet customers, global automotive service gmbh (G.A.S.) a high level of acceptance. With "dat autohus the essen-based company has now won one of europe’s largest internet used car dealers as a new customer.

"Dat autohus", which operates a total of three locations in bremen, berlin and bockel on the A1, is expected to have more than 16.000 vehicles sold. The task of G.A.S. Will be to ensure nationwide support for vehicle buyers in all types of warranty cases via the nationwide network of partner workshops. "as an internet used car dealer, we have customers in every region of the country. To be able to offer them a qualified warranty service, you need a high-performance partner," explains thomas araman, chairman of dat autohus AG. The area coverage and the resulting proximity to the customer were the deciding factors in the decision to cooperate with G.A.S. To close.

The G.A.S. will serve the fleet of the large car dealership with warranty and guarantee work of all kinds. Of course, customers can also order other inspection, maintenance and repair services. "in order to complement and optimize the range of services for our joint customers, we will examine and implement further approaches in subsequent discussions," announces araman.

"our cooperations that have emerged in recent years were considered impossible by many experts before their time," sums up andreas brodhage, managing partner of G.A.S. However, thanks to flexibility, responsiveness and speed of action, almost any requirement can be met. Brodhage: "with every fleet entrusted to us and with every new requirement, we gain additional experience. A growth that is also supported by our workshop structure and our partners." (jg)

Big fish for the G.A.S.

Deutsche post extends contract with G.A.S.

partner workshops from the global automotive service network (G.A.S.) will continue to service deutsche post fleet vehicles in the years to come. The two companies have now agreed to continue their cooperation.

G.A.S. enters the claims management business

The global automotive service gmbh (G.A.S.) plans to enter the accidental damage management business in the new year. To this end, the Essen-based companies have founded the service company global automotive repair gmbh. project partner is akzonobel coatings gmbh.

G.A.S.: "openmatics" for better fleet service

With "openmatics ZF aftermarket sets a new telematics standard. global automotive service gmbh (G.A.S.) now wants to use the open platform for its automotive service network and offer new services to fleet and leasing companies.

Advertising to the point

Global automotive service offers partners support in addressing customers digitally. This is made possible by the precise location of the displays at the vehicle broker UZE mobility.

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