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Children’s pages: nature and the environment

On this page we have put together child-friendly websites around the topics of nature and the environment.

Rainforest adventure

What is a tropical rainforest? Which animals and plants are at home there? And what happens when people cut down the rainforest to make money? The student page Adventure Rainforest of the association environmental heroes provides children from 8 to 15 years with clear information about the rainforest and shows how rainforest protection can be easily integrated into everyday life. Next [. ]

Bauer Hubert’s renewable raw materials

With BAUER HUBERT, children are introduced to renewable raw materials in a playful way. Together with Paula and Leon, they dive into the exciting world of alternative resources. The page offers stories, songs, coloring pages, puzzles, the Nawaro quiz and others.

BMU-K > The children’s portal offers themed pages on environmental and nature conservation for children, suggestions and experiments, as well as educational offers for educational professionals.
Eike’s tree nursery: identify deciduous trees with children

Eike’s tree nursery is an interactive identification aid for deciduous trees, which is designed for students from grade 3 onwards. The squirrel Eike guides you step by step through the identification key. At the end of each route of identification, the tree is shown in a profile.

K > The Greenpeace children’s portal offers news and background information on various environmental topics (including climate, energy, oceans and whales, animal protection, forest and primeval forest). Participation activities for children and the commitment of the Greenpeace youth groups, the so-called ?? green teams?.

On this website children of primary school age can get information about the forest. The interactive children’s page answers questions such as: Who lives in the forest? How does the forest live? What is a forest? What do we need the forest for? Your own knowledge can be tested in a quiz.

learning game "Konrad’s compost heap"

Compost is good for plants. But what do you have to do to produce compost? In the educational game ?? Konrads compost heap ?? It is important to fill a compost heap with waste and to ensure that the conditions in the compost are optimal. But not all waste is suitable for compost. And some waste can also be used differently. However: just the right waste [. ]

Mouse weasel: forest

Mauswiesel has put together interesting facts about the forest here. The site offers a virtual learning path, refers to films, puzzles etc. Mauswiesel is a learning platform for pupils of primary and special schools, on which offers with a large proportion for independent learning in and with the Internet are available.


NAJUversum does not neglect the fun of handicrafts, experimenting and playing. There are also interesting facts about nature and the environment as well as campaign ideas.

Nature detectives

The Nature Detectives project is an online platform that introduces children to nature conservation and environmental issues in a playful – and virtual – manner, so that they can experience practical nature motivate and at the same time enable them to form an opinion. This page enables children to experience nature and increases their awareness of the rare and worth protecting. It is not [. ]

ÖkoLeo – your environmental online magazine

ÖkoLeo is the children’s website of the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. ÖkoLeo offers information on natural and environmental issues as well as ideas for your own exploration, experimentation and action. It is aimed at 9- to 14-year-old boys and girls and their families, as well as teachers. In addition to [. ]

zzzebra – watching nature

Idea bank with numerous suggestions to discover nature as well as game instructions and simple information about natural history.


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