Easter in kindergarten

Great ideas for the time around Easter in kindergarten.

Easter is a nice time, which you should really enjoy, especially with children.
For them, the focus is on the anticipation of the Easter bunny.
They are happy to be told stories about the Easter bunny and look at picture books.
Finger games around Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, as well as Easter songs and Easter games should not be missing in Easter in kindergarten.
So that the kindergarten rooms also get an Easter atmosphere, they are decorated for Easter.
Homemade rabbits, chickens, eggs, chicks etc. are best suited for this, because the children are very proud when their handicrafts are hung or decorated.
Making Easter baskets is also a lot of fun for the children during Easter.
In addition, the kids like to be active when baking or cooking.
Popular Easter recipes here are baked Easter bunnies made from quark oil or yeast dough, carrot muffins, Easter desserts and much more.
Of course, egg coloring is particularly important in Easter, because what would Easter be without colorful Easter eggs?!
With these many employment opportunities, the time passes until the Easter bunny surely flies and the children also have a lot of fun and learn a lot along the way.

We have put together many ideas and suggestions for Easter in kindergarten …

Picture books around Easter

Beautiful picture books for Easter that are really recommended:

Easter songs

There are many great Easter songs that are ideal for kindergarten.
These include e.g. Songs like
– Little bunny wanted to go for a walk
– Easter bunny double march
– First comes the Easter bunny dad
– Stups, Rolf’s little Easter bunny Harris
– Easter bunny Peter, you are still too small! by Detlev Jöcker
– Hoppel, Hoppel, Stubst tail by Detlev Jöcker
– Easter bunny, come quickly from Detlev Jöcker

The lyrics or CD suggestions of these Easter songs can be found here: Easter songs

Finger games for Easter

They cannot be missing at Easter.
The dancing and bouncing fingers that tell of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs in the form of Easter finger games.
Various beautiful Easter finger games can be found here: Easter finger games

Crafting >

Chick with a clay pot

In order to beautifully decorate the kindergarten during Easter, there are many different Easter craft ideas.
Many great handicraft suggestions such as Chickens on the perch, tinkered rabbits, chickens and eggs and much more. can be found here: crafts for Easter

Creative ideas for Easter

Handprint tap

At Easter, of course, Easter motifs cannot only be cut out of paper.
Creative design with children is also important in kindergarten.
So you can e.g. With finger– or handprints beautifully design chickens, rabbits and chicks.
You can find the suggestions here:

Bunny from a handprint

Chick from fingerprints

Easter Games

Easter is also a great time to play games.
No matter whether these are hands-on stories, movement games or circle games around Easter bunnies, chickens and Easter eggs.
Matching board games are also very popular at Easter.

You can find a lot of nice game ideas around Easter here: Easter games

coloring Easter eggs

What would Easter be without colorful Easter eggs??
Easter eggs can be colored in many different ways.
So that you do not run out of ideas here, you will find various ideas for coloring and beautifying the eggs under: Coloring Easter eggs

Make Easter baskets and Easter baskets

Home-made Easter baskets or baskets are something very special for the children.
That is why we have also collected beautiful craft ideas for this.
You can find these under: Making Easter baskets

Bunny as an Easter basket

Easter recipes

Easter is the ideal time for household chores such as baking and cooking.
How about, for example, delicious homemade bunnies, delicious carrot and nut muffins, carrot cake or fried eggs made from curd and fruit?
These Easter recipes not only taste delicious, they also look great and everyone can enjoy preparing them together with the children.

The delicious Easter recipes can be found at: Easter recipes

Easter egg card with dots

An Easter card with which you can "score". And this is how it goes … Easter egg card with dots Material: white photo cardboard, colored construction paper.

Tinker bunny

Lots of suggestions to make great rabbits. As soon as we hear the word "Easter" we always have to have rabbits.

Egg turning game

A game that shortens the waiting time for the Easter bunnies. Material: a hard-boiled egg, the tip of which is painted red.

rabbit cake

The recipe for a delicious rabbit cake with chocolate pudding and pears. This delicious recipe fits wonderful for spring and Easter.

Winter Recipes

Delicious winter recipes for baking, cooking and preparing for children and.

Tinker snowman

Different ideas how you can make a snowman yourself. ideal.

Crafts winter

Nice suggestions for what children love to do in winter.

Tinker clowns

So you can make funny clowns yourself. A nice crafting guide.


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