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If you like working with children, you can choose a profession in this area and become a kindergarten teacher, for example.

Kindergarten educators are a profession that is in high demand, because more and more parents are choosing to do so, too with a Child to be working and to have the children looked after in a kindergarten. If you want to work as an educator in kindergarten, you have to carry out a variety of activities.

Pedagogical support
One of the main tasks of the kindergarten teachers is to look after the children. These have to be supervised and employed. Most institutions have free play and guided activities. If free play is the order of the day, the children can play with the kindergarten toys or relax in a cozy corner. The activities, on the other hand, are led by the educators and are mostly thematically oriented, for example painting spring flowers together or Christmas handicrafts. An important point is also playing outdoors, walks and waking during the afternoon nap.

Nursing duties
If a child spends several hours a day in kindergarten, the educators must also take care of the children. This includes, for example, instructions for brushing your teeth after this Food and help with going to the toilet. In the crib area (children from one to three years old) it is also necessary to change the children. Therefore, if you want to work as an educator in a daycare center, you should not be afraid of these tasks.

Administrative work
An educator in kindergarten has other tasks: For example, he has to keep the children’s language learning diaries. The development steps and important experiences or events are recorded in texts, photos and images. In addition, communication with the parents is an important point of the educator’s work: they have to be kept up to date in writing about important events and dates and when handing in and picking up the children, important information is usually exchanged. Furthermore, the so-called development talks take place at regular intervals. In this context, the developmental level of the child is discussed with each pair of parents and together it is determined how the focus of education and care is to be set. Even parents’ evenings you have to Organize and carry out as an educator in kindergarten.


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