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Many sporty parents are big fans of the Red Castle strollers. Because the three-wheeled buggies are also the perfect companion for jogging tours. They can be maneuvered wonderfully on a wide variety of surfaces and also have excellent suspension, which also ensures the comfort of the children while driving. The extra large footrest is a real highlight and neither the seat belt nor the safety bar restrict the children too much. So there are many arguments in favor of buying such a Red Castle pram from the test winner cheap or new at an even better price. We would therefore like to take a closer look at the advantages of the Red Castle strollers.

Red Castle stroller test 2019/2020

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Strollers with a French charm

Red Castle is a French brand whose strollers are just as stylish as this people are said to be. The company even has a Red Castle buggy on offer, the look of which can be easily personalized with various covers with colorful patterns and eye-catching prints. So here not only all comfort and safety of the children was thought of, but also a Red Castle buggy looks great. Even the color and pattern of the shopping basket, the simple and Parents can decide for themselves if they are conveniently hung under the Red Castle buggy.

If you are traveling with your baby or child, there is enough space to safely store all your purchases. The shopping basket can even withstand a weight of up to seven kilograms, which is a lot in comparison. Because with most strollers you can only carry five kilograms of purchases. In addition, the shopping basket can be easily removed and folded when you are not using it. This also has a positive effect on the size of the fold in the car.

If you have chosen one of around 32 configurations of the Red Castle strollers, you will certainly not regret this step in everyday mobile life. Because the test winner made sure that you can hold the baby or child wonderfully in one arm while holding the stroller from the renowned Red Castle brand with the other hand folds up. But in the Red Castle Buggy Test, the strollers from France also scored in comparison with the following properties:

  • the high seat height
  • the possibility of aligning the seat against the direction of travel
  • three adjustable back positions
  • Front and rear brakes
  • for children up to 15 kg
  • fas frame can also be used with the Red Castle car seat as a combi stroller

The Red Castle twin stroller

With its twin stroller, Red Castle was also able to draw a lot of attention to its own company. Because with the sibling stroller you have the choice whether you want to accommodate two children in it or if you would rather use it only as a buggy for a child. Whether the be > Above all, the clever frame of the stroller made a lot of impression.

Because you can also determine the direction of travel here and convert the stroller for one or two children in just a few steps. In addition, the buggy is so narrow that you can still get through a normal door with two children. As with all other Red Castle strollers, the load capacity is 15 kilograms per child. From the height-adjustable slider to the shopping trolley, which can also be removed, to the possibility of using the twin stroller with two Maxi-Cosi car seats, the Red Castle stroller test really only had advantages, which was also the experience of the satisfied parents as well confirm the price comparison.

The accessories in the Red Castle stroller test

In the Red Castle Buggy Test, the wide range of accessories that were used part delivered in a set with the stroller to the customers, just as exciting. The parents’ experience reports show that the various seat inserts and footmuffs protect the children perfectly in all weathers. Of course you can also buy the matching diaper bag from Red Castle, which not only fits the stylish stroller perfectly, but also offers enough storage space and can be easily attached to the slider. The spare parts at a fair price also convinced in the Red Castle Buggy Test, so that the test report is overall a very good judgment.

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