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Experience report: Our night in the sleeping beach chair in Bensersiel!

Our night in the sleeping beach chair in Bensersiel

I recently got another point from mine -> bucketlist delete: We have in one Sleeping basket on the North Sea (more precisely in Bensersiel) spent the night. What that was, what you should consider, what a Overnight in a beach chair costs and what else you with Children in Bensersiel you can find out in my blog post today.

General information about beach chair accommodation

First, there is some general information about Beach chair overnight:

  • In Bensersiel there are 2 sleeping beach chairs (these are about 50 meters apart).
  • The beach chairs can accommodate up to 2 persons (one person must be at least 18 years old)
  • bed linen, Fleece blankets, a bottle of sparkling wine & a small surprise is included in the room rate.
  • The sanitary On the beach and family campsite as well as the beach facilities and the seawater outdoor pool may be used during the stay free of charge.
  • Check in: at the earliest 2 pm, latest 6 pm, Check out: at the latest 10 o’clock
  • The offer is from Ascension until mid-September bookable!

Our night in the beach chair

We have ours Beach chair-night with an overnight stay on the Beach and Family Camping in Bensersiel combined, which is really right on the beach or on the beach. That was perfect in that our short trip to a “Adventure Trip” for the children and we just happened to have a “base camp“Were available for our stuff. We have our campground when booking in the Near the playground reserved – this was therefore only about 100 meters from the beach chair:

Evening mood at the campsite in Bensersiel

Until the playground it was not 50 meters – perfect for children:

The expiration of our beach chair overnight

The key to Sleeping beach chair We were able to pick up at 2 pm at the campsite registration. So we could do that beach chair and the small terrace on the day of arrival first as a “normal” beach chair use. After a visit to the North Sea spa In the afternoon we have set up our sleeping quarters in the evening. Thanks to the correct bed linen (-> I had expected more with sleeping bags) it was very comfortable and the extra fleece blankets also during the night pleasantly warm.

More details about the sleeping beach chair

Due to the Liegefäche (about 1.30 x 2.40 cm) we had for 2 sleeping baskets decided (1 adult + 1 child). The soft top was individually adjustable. Since we were lucky with the weather, we first decided on the open position. To sleep, we then closed the hood later. By the big one porthole we could still look at the sea and watch the sunset. Falling asleep in the evening at the beach – just fantastic!

My conclusion:

It was really AWESOME! We stayed at a lot of fancy places last year (see below) – but this night on the beach with a clear view of the ocean starry sky and the North Sea was my previous highlight. Everything was just right: the cozy decor, the atmosphere on the beach during the night, the tranquility (apart from the shouts of the sandpipers and seagulls) and last but not least the weather! The children were totally thrilled and so it is clear to us: We will do it again!

FAQ – Questions from readers about our beach chair overnight

So: while me -> here on Instagram almost live from ours Beach chair-night Many questions from readers have reached me. I would like to answer these questions publicly again.

How big is the lying area or for how many people is the beach chair suitable? 1,30 x 2,40 m (= 1 – 2 persons).

Are the mattresses in the beach chair comfortable? There is a foam mattress that I found very comfortable. My husband thought she was a bit too “thin”.

The beach chairs are isolated or in the middle of the beach? The beach chairs are in the middle of the action and attract accordingly many views! A small terrace ensures a certain privacy. At the time of our overnight stay (in May) it was very empty in the evening – on a weekend in the summer it might be different.

Is there a toilet / shower nearby? The sanitary facilities of the campsite can be used. These are about 250 meters away. A flashlight is helpful in preventing you from stepping into a sand hole at night. &# 128521;

Is there electricity in the sleeping beach chair? No, it does not exist – one Power Bank for the smartphone is so useful.

Where can you keep your luggage or shoes etc. during the night?? For valuables there is a flap at the head, shoes can be stored in a flap under the beach chair. Since the mattress is quite long, we have deposited our sleeping bags and jackets at the foot.

How safe is it to sleep in a beach chair? I would say: very sure! Because: 1. you can lock the beach chair from the inside and 2. the beach in Bensersiel is not freely accessible. In the evening, the security service of the campsite patrols.

What should you wrap up? I would recommend that you pack the following things: power bank, flashlight, toiletry bag, sweatpants, crocks, jacket, sleeping bag (if it gets cold), water & snacks.

What is the price for an overnight stay in the sleeping beach chair?? Currently (June 2018) costs one night for up to 2 people only 59 € per night! You can book the offer -> here.

So, that was my post about ours Beach chair-night in Bensersiel. More posts about exceptional accommodation you can find here on my blog:

… to be continued! &# 128521;

If you have any questions, tips, ideas or feedback, feel free to contact us.

* To the transparency: I was invited by the Esens- Bensersiel Tourismus GmbH to test the sleeping basket, to then report on my blog from my experiences. The 2nd beach chair we have booked. The report was written by myself and corresponds to my personal opinion.

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