The campsite – dream vacation for children, not mom

Not the mother

Girlfriend of the heart man, not the mother of Lausbub, enemy of Lausbubmama.

The campsite – dream vacation for children

Camping year 1: the start
The first time we camped was with the Lausbub when he was 4. Three days with a tent at a campsite in the Westerwald. Unfortunately there were only a few children his age at this campsite, so we did a lot. The Lausbub still had fun, but it was very exhausting.

Camping year 2: a little adventure
The following year, we actually wanted to camp again at a campsite. However, for the week we had the louse boy, heavy thunderstorms and rain were announced. So what to do? Stay at home even though the boy was looking forward to camping? NO WAY! Let us rinse the tent in heavy rain and maybe sit in the tent with the louse boy at night with strong lightning and thunder? ALSO NOT BEAUTIFUL!

So we decided to set up the tent on the large property of my parents’ house. Because we could camp and had the opportunity to go into the house if it got too violent. In addition, the neighboring daughter is 1 year younger than the Lausbub and so there was definitely a child to play on site. No sooner said than done: We set up our tent about 100m away from the house on a small pine forest. Again we went on many trips in the 3 days we were there and when we came back the louse boy played with the neighboring daughter. And the trendy bad weather? Oh yes, we did! One night, there was a thunderstorm like the Herzensmann and I had never experienced (really!). The rain was so heavy that we would have been completely soaked within seconds and thunder and lightning were literally one. I even think I can remember that the floor vibrated a little. It winded quite well, but our tent held.

Car packed for camping.

Camping in the meadow of my parents’ house.

Playing with the neighbor’s daughter.

Usually the louse boy has a very deep sleep, but of course this noise woke him up and I was already worried that he would get scared and start to cry. Because what then? We couldn’t get out SO! It has to be said that at this age the louse boy could increase his howl until he vomited. So not exactly an idea you would like to have in a tent shaken by wind and rain and surrounded by lightning and thunder.

But nothing happened. The Lausbub watched and counted the lightning with us and at some point it was over. I firmly believe that the man of the heart and I were more scared that night than the rascal. Because I’ve never seen such a thunderstorm again (at least not in a tent). The next morning Lausbub’s comment was: "If it gets worse next night, we will go inside." The Herzensmann and I could only look at each other and laugh out loud.

Camping year 3: The first year with a caravan or: Oh, that’s how it works?
Year number 3 and the Lausbub wanted to go camping with us again. This time it should be a whole week, since he was already 6 years old. One week of sleeping in the tent, changing in a stooped position, chaos of clothes and little space. It was particularly clear to the man of the heart that three days was okay for him, but an entire week was too much. So we thought back and forth about what we should do, searched the internet for vacation packages, which were all very expensive during the summer holidays, and ended up back at the campsite, but with the compromise: but not with a tent. OK. Rentable huts? There was where we didn’t want to go. Motorhome rental: Hello. We don’t want to buy this !! In addition, you can not go on excursions, but is fixed all the time.

With caravan: Affordable, but how should we do it if none of our cars has a towbar? Hmmmmmm …. Rent a car? Neeeeee. So we thought back and forth until we figured out that my father had a towbar car. But would he exchange his car for ours for the time? Trying makes you smart. "Duuuu Papa….". Oh how fitting. During this time he was on vacation himself and would have himself driven to the airport. So no problem. FOR NOW!

Ok, the planning was done. Since my father lived in the Westerwald, we would drive the Herzesmann’s car into the Westerwald, load the things there into the car with a towbar, then get the caravan and off to the campsite. We chose one that is only 20km from the camper company. Because you never know how it is the first time.

So much for the theory! In practice it looked like we had the car full of stuff up to the roof. Camping table, chairs, grill, clothes, games, beach shell, rubber dinghy and and and …

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff …

When I got to my father’s house, I started repacking. We cleared the car in and out twice, because the first time it didn’t fit everything.

The rental caravan

But then it could finally start. The three of us were excited. A little later we received our rental caravan, which we had previously only seen from pictures from the Internet. Great!! “The early times are in your pocket down here. There you will also find laminated instructions. The individual poles are numbered, ”said the nice lady from the caravan company to us. Make a few more signatures, deposit the deposit and off you go. A little later we arrived at the campsite. A beautiful place at a dam with an artificial sandy beach, a small playground and a lot of green.

First the caravan had to be put down correctly (at these moments I am glad that I do not have a trailer license, because pushing a trailer straight backwards would probably not be one of my strengths, but fortunately the man of the heart can fortunately do something like that) couple of attempts. Ok, then put the supports under the car and the boy and I were able to concede, while the heart man unpacked the time. "Where did the woman say is the laminated manual?" He called to me. "In the bag with the awning poles," I replied. But puff cake. No laminated instructions, no numbers on the awning poles. We had probably caught the model where there was no such thing. So we stood there. Two who had never set up a prehistory with loads of poles and no instructions.
But then the first advantage came when camping at a campsite. There are always helpful hands near you and so our camping neighbors were quickly on the spot when they saw our misery and luckily knew more than well. The louse boy was enjoying himself on the beach. Rapp-zapp stood the tent and we had made our first camping holiday acquaintance, which should last for the whole week.

The big awning construction campaign

But then it worked

The rest of the week was a breeze. The Lausbub had found no connection to other children in no time and was traveling with them. From time to time we had to look for him or he came by himself and was looking for work because he was just a little bored (but this was rare).

Lausbub out and about with other children.

Even the Lausbub has to relax

Otherwise, he was out on the square with the other children. So a week went by in a flash and the boy didn’t really want to go home when we unfortunately had to pack our things in order to return the caravan, reload the cars, exchange them and drive back home.

The place itself is small, which makes it very clear if you are looking for the child, has a small playground, which was located directly below the plot we rented, and is located at a dam, which has a separate non-swimmer area with lifeguards in summer. The children can borrow kettcars or bicycles or get magazines or something sweet from the small kiosk. If you don’t feel like cooking, there is an expensive but good restaurant on the square.

Camping year 4: the second year with a caravan: between relaxation and boredom
Since the caravan rental campaign had worked so well in the third year, it should now be the same again in the fourth year. This time, however, we had our own trailer hitch, which fate had leaked to us (but that’s a story in itself). This time it should be two weeks. As soon as they arrived, the Lausbub was already on the place he had already known from last year, while we put the caravan right (which also worked better now), unloaded the car (which is now not so packed) was) and the build up ahead of time (which now also had a labeled instruction).

So everything is much more relaxed. Also this year, the Lausbub had found a connection immediately and was hardly able to keep his eyes open on the field. You could tell that he was acting much more independently than in previous years or at home. For example, we had put him in the caravan a cup with "vacation allowance", which he divided up nicely. He was also there much more punctually at scheduled times. Boredom never arose thanks to his new buddy, the son of a long-term camper. The two were on the go non-stop and the Lausbub didn’t want to go on excursions. In the meantime, I had the feeling that the blanket was falling on my head. Because the heart man and I sat all day long in front of or in the caravan / awning to be there when the boy needed something. In the evenings this was particularly boring in the evening.

It wasn’t until the end that we found out that the father of the Lausbub buddy always sits on the terrace of the restaurant with a few others. So we got to know each other and joined them. Of course, this also brought the language to permanent camping pitches, because most of the people we were sitting with there were permanent campers.

I think you already guessed it: the attraction in us was awakened.
– No more packing up the car because most of it is there.

  • No more renting a caravan and sneaking to the campsite at 80km / h.
  • No more support and building up ahead of time.
  • A place to switch off whenever you want (because the campsite is only 1 hour 15 minutes from our home.


Camping year 5: your own plot
In the coming months, we watched the offers on the campsite for vacant lots. One thing was clear to us: we would like to take over a finished plot. With caravans, early times and all that. Because on the one hand we lacked the money for a new facility and on the other hand it takes 1h 15 min. then too much. Because during the holidays and on Sundays, it is not allowed to hammer, saw and assemble at the campsite.

In March of this year we finally found what we were looking for. Our dream has been and what can I say: So far we have been there almost every weekend (definitely every children’s weekend). The Lausbub is overjoyed and we are too. So far it was still a bit cold and the weather was not always good, but I would say we have arrived among the permanent campers. The Lausbub gets to know new permanent camping kids every time and doesn’t want to leave there anymore (after the last weekend there were even a few tears). We have also become more relaxed, because the Lausbub is now very familiar with the square and knows where to look and find us. As a result, we are no longer bound to the caravan and the early times. It’s just a lot more relaxed. We pack up some clothes at home and off we go. We could wash our things ourselves before we go home.

Our parcel

Our door to the awning.

You can have a good time there.

A fixed awning offers space and atmosphere

The Lausbub had been on the square with the Herzensmann for a week during the Easter holidays. Unfortunately I couldn’t go with my knee surgery, but I’m already looking forward to the summer vacation.

For me, this campsite is a piece of home, because I grew up in the Westerwald. In addition, our plot is located on Lärchenweg. I think that was just a doom, because my parents’ house, which I unfortunately had to sell after her death, is also in Lerchenweg (just a little differently written). As soon as you come to the square, a cozy holiday feeling spreads out. Even an overnight stay is more relaxing than a whole weekend at home. Not that we don’t have it nice at home, but it’s just different.
What I’m happy for the Lausbub is that the campsite is in the high Westerwald. As a result, the chance of snow (which he hardly has at home) in winter is very high and there is a toboggan run with a ski lift nearby, which we will certainly test in winter.

Announcement: There follows a general blog post about camping with children compared to staying in a hotel. I don’t know when I’ll get there. Just take a look from time to time or ask on twitter at @DieNichtMama .

And now it’s your turn:
What experience have you had with camping? Maybe you’ve already had a little adventure story. If 2-3 come together, I’d like to post them in one of the next blog posts.

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