The triad

The triad

stood in monstrous black letters above the personal directories. And only the people! He, she, a family friend.
Yes, the wise are very sharp-sighted.

Second act, third scene:

The spouse:. and you love him, Irma?
You: (Wife): open – yes!
He: Good that you are so open.
You: You deserve it; I will never lie to you!
He: This truth hurts. Of course – I should have considered when I married you: you are young and – me.
She: Not really. – You are quite right then. I do not want to break away from you; I can not do it; – because. because. I (hesitantly) I guess – you.
He: My child.
She: You often told me: I could not be without you, Irma, you understand me; you are mentally equal to me.
He: It’s you
She: Well – now hear: Let me be your woman spiritually – spiritually – do you understand? — and my body.
He: (horrified) Irma!
You: What are you terrifying? I give you my better part.
He: (quivering) Irma!
She: (without listening) The spirit, the divine, eternal dir, man, dir!
He: (hesitantly) and that?
She: The sinful, vain lust that follows the disgust on the heels.
He: I shudder at you.
She: (Closing on) Friend, my thought is great. How much misery, how much secret outrage would disappear from the world if all were able to think it.
He: No, woman, you speak in delusion – (intensifying) either you are mine with body and soul mine, – (screaming) mine.
You: (cold) Get involved!
But he.
She: I thought you taller. So you, too, who is the one who counts Europe to the shining light of knowledge, are captivated by this ridiculous pettiness, which always puts mind and body on a frame? That I could open your eyes!
He: (staring at her)
You: Ha, I see you feel the gigantic force of my giant plan.
He: (makes a countermovement)
She: I know what you want to say. This relationship is against nature. Not true, that hovered on your lips?
How shortsighted are you? Thor in all your wisdom. Look out! Nature has merely given flowers to one shrub, sweet, chaste, fragrant shoots; – In others, the petals fall off soon and it pushes out the brutal, sensual fruit. – Is it different in life? The one, the great, ever-chaste children, the artists, should only be flowers. Spiritual germs only, immortal impulses should arise in their pure soul and rise to a sunny, blessed existence. But to the animal bred, to it comes the fruit, the vulgar intoxicating fruit. Child you! With the big, dreamy eyes, in which a thousand ideals shimmer – white-haired child, you do not even bore him the destructive, furious burning of sensual love.
He: (thoughtfully) Maybe. but why can not you, who are equal to me mentally, not like me? so.
You: So mentally – do you want to say – persevere? Why? Because woman is a dual being, by nature divine and dog-like at the same time.- Our soul remains pure when the sweet desire melts in the fire of sin, and the ghastly poison of captivating pleasure does not defile the spirit of the weak, trembling woman. Nature has made us enjoyable, but our own power has given us the better soul.
The woman is a book, bible verses are in it, but the cover is painted with the colors of sin. Have you not found in any of the thousand books that you read and reread Enlightenment about this double thing, this hermaphrodite?
He: If so?
You: Do you still doubt? It is so. – My spirit clings to yours, an invisible moss plant on the huge trunk, my body, my fleeting life on that young, gluttonous madman. He: But Irma – I love you.
They: . and because you love me, you have to understand me.
He:. God!
You: Because you love me, you must not kill me – and you kill me – if.
He: (meekly) But spiritually, you are spiritual – my!
You: (with pathos) Always! – So you are good, then I recognize the wise, who stands above this deluded world! Thanks! This will be a divine existence! You, he, I – between you two – belong to you and to him on the threshold of two worlds: here light, there darkness; Wisdom here, delusion there! – You – demigod! – I and that an indescribable covenant. All impulses that spur life hostile and angry – reconciled in us in a world-sounding, booming, splendid triad.

Applause, applause, applause! –

"New, gorgeous, powerful. " general urthel.
But the wise shouted in the couloirs: "Strange, weird this piece!"
"And did you see" – whispered a young man loud enough – how pale M. was, as senile; how empty and lackluster his eyes. Adda, on the other hand, is pure life. She cared little for him, but she talked backwards – and laughed." In the background of the box was a young man sitting. Nobody knew him.
"Strange, weird."
And the groups broke up.

The next morning, the daily papers brought long discussions about M’s drama. On the last page of the main page, however, was written in blocked letters:
"As S. is telephoning us, the great M. succumbed to a stroke at night. This sudden mourning will cause terror and sympathy everywhere. The doctors, who were only able to prove the death of the aged master, thought that the joyous excitement of yesterday evening had become dangerous to the immortal. As we have heard, after the performance M. remained with his family until about midnight, and spoke joyfully of the success of his work; who would have guessed that it would be his last – "The triad".-

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