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Family vacation in Westphalia

Have you and your children ever cycled through Münster or been to an old mine? No? Then spend your next family vacation in Westphalia – waiting there also great zoos, animal parks as well as fun and adventure pools on your visit!

North Rhine-Westphalia is often primarily associated with mining and industry and especially associated with the Ruhr area. But the country is not just an industrial location, it has also become a popular family travel destination in recent years. The state of Westphalia in particular presents itself today as a culturally interesting and family-friendly region with a high recreational value.

The area is predominantly rural, but also offers large cities such as Dortmund, Bochum, Bielefeld, Gelsenkirchen, Münster or Paderborn. Visitors to this region can either relax in the country or plunge into the urban life of Westphalia. There is something for everyone here.

An experience for the whole family are the old mines that are open to visitors today and reveal something about the hard work of mining. Spending your holidays in a bicycle saddle does not have to be part of a bike tour. When staying in Münster, it is more or less a must to get around with your bike. The Westphalian city is so well connected by bike paths that it is considered the bicycle capital of Germany, so visitors can borrow them anywhere.

Münster has a number of attractions to offer children. A children’s university has been set up at Münster University, where they can conduct research in a playful manner. In addition to regular children’s concerts and events, the little ones can accompany the popular children’s book character Felix on his journey through space in the planetarium. The animal world is also sufficiently represented in Westphalia in the zoos and botanical gardens of the larger cities. The list of Westphalian attractions is long. For a family vacation, you should therefore put together the appropriate sights in advance and plan a route so that you can take as many impressions with you as possible.

Other popular holiday regions in Germany

Other popular holiday regions in Germany

Excursion destinations in Westphalia

Animals and their habitat are always fascinating, especially for children. The Bochum animal and fossil park is home to around 370 animal species on two hectares and is one of the largest animal parks in Westphalia. A wide variety of different animals can be found in the outdoor area of ​​the zoo, from horses and ponies to turtles, penguins and lynxes to goats and sheep in the petting zoo, which is a special highlight for the little ones. The aquariums invite you to get to know the underwater world a little better and to get to know some sharks. In the terrariums you can admire a wide variety of amphibians and reptiles such as iguanas, snakes and toads. An interesting area of ​​the zoo is the fossil, which is an extensive collection of fossils that come from Solnhofen in the Middle Franconian Altmühl Valley, where the archaeological bird was once found. The Bochum Zoo is open all year round and guarantees to be an impressive day for the whole family.

There are lots of fun and adventure pools, but to make your family vacation unforgettable, it should be a bath with exceptional flair like the Ishara in Bielefeld. The theme pool in the east of Westphalia is themed "Bathing like in 1001 nights". This is not only evident in the ambience, the attractions that the Ishara has to offer are also something special. The action area Ali Baba has a unique water catapult nationwide, "Rocket Plunge", with which you are truly transported into the flow channel and then drives you into the outdoor pool. The Ishara does not neglect the fun of slipping. The 70 meter long black hole slide guarantees a fast-paced, action-packed descent accompanied by light and sound effects. The toddler area, which is also called "Sindbad", captivates first of all with its oriental harbor backdrop. The paddling pool is equipped with all kinds of play equipment. The central element of the children’s area is undisputedly an eight-meter-long toy ship that encourages exploration and discovery. Parents have their joy in the 1,200 square meter wellness area, which invites you to sauna, relax and feel good.

In the children’s museum mondo mio in Dortmund you can experience the adventures of other countries in the middle of Westphalia. The little ones are not badly jammed here when they learn what it means to be a child in India or China. In the mondo mio, children are brought into contact with unknown cultures in a playful way, which also involves an educational approach and leads to early understanding for people from other cultural backgrounds. So the holidays for the children are not only relaxing but also educational.


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