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40,000 children in Germany alone.

What is child rheumatism?

Children’s rheumatism is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system works against the body’s own structures, such as cells or tissues. The consequences are extremely painful inflammatory processes in the child’s organism.


Children’s rheumatism has many faces and can therefore occur in very different ways. The children often suffer from "morning stiffness", can hardly move or grip, complain of joint pain in the hip, jaw, shoulder, ankle or ankle. Your child complains of muscle and / or tendon pain in the heel, calf and / or arm. It takes a gentle posture or limps to "avoid" pain. Is psoriasis present, also within the family? Small children often withdraw when they are romping or want to be carried much more often, sports are avoided.


A quick diagnosis, which is not always easy to make even for doctors, can protect children from consequential damage and exclusion from society. A pediatric rheumatologist initiates targeted examinations to make a diagnosis. Most families are initially shocked and unsettled. Do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to help you.


Rheumatism is currently still an incurable disease, but today it can be treated in most cases with modern therapies. These therapies should be optimally tailored to the individual child, as this is the only way to achieve clear freedom from pain and maintain the quality of life.

News from our blog

Merry Christmas 2019

Dear rheumatic children, friends, members, sponsors, supporters and interested parties, for our The RheumaKinder e.V. ends an extremely eventful year. We have many helpful, nice and above all warm people know allowed to learn. Love.

School backpack raffle winner

On St. Nicholas Day, December 6th, 2019, we selected four winners from our raffles: "Ergonomic school backpack elementary school" and "Ergonomic school backpack secondary school". Ida, 7 years Tessa S., 8 years Mica G., 11.

A different company anniversary

Some time ago we received the call from Christina Schuylenburg from Halstenbek. The beautician told us that this year she had her 20th anniversary with her cosmetic studio "Feel good and relax". She would love to get gifts and gifts.

Our goals

Children with rheumatic diseases in the wrists and fingers affected are often struggling to grasp, write or hold onto things. Writing in school is particularly difficult for many students. Can we help with a laptop??


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