Functional Therapy in Munich at, implanteer®

Back pain, headache, tinnitus, poor posture: Functional therapy can help!

Function therapy: Stability and balance in the causal system

If our system of teeth, muscles, jawbones and temporomandibular joints works smoothly, we have no complaints. However, functional disorders in this system (craniomandibular system) can manifest themselves in many different ways. In addition to the direct effects, such as TMJ problems, teeth grinding and teeth presses, the dysfunctions can also cause headache, neck and back pain.

With suitable functional diagnostic measures, we can recognize deviations in the causal system and then treat them. In individual cases, targeted functional therapeutic (pre-) treatments for a stable and balanced chewing ability are indispensable and medically necessary in a dental reconstruction. An individual splint therapy is usually the most effective and sensible solution.

Christina Cherry

Singapore – The best sights, most interesting places and most important tips

Singapore is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and shows impressively what money is possible without sacrificing culture and liveliness. From the first day we fell in love with the city.

Because of the many different peoples who have settled there, there is so much to discover. One thing we can promise you: It definitely will not get boring when sightseeing in Singapore!

Join us on a journey through the city of superlatives. In our Singapore travel report we show you over 23 sights and interesting places, 4 delicious hawker centers, some hotel recommendations and other Singapore tips.

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    MBA degree marketing

    Marketing – no company gets by permanently without. If you want to acquire further qualifications for the marketing management career, MBA marketing can be the right course of study. Below you will find all the information – from study models (extra occupational, distance learning, etc.) to costs and reports from graduates. And of course all degree programs and business schools.

    Table of Contents

    Marketing has been of enormous importance in the business world for many years. At a time when businesses need to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, engage in social networks like Facebook and Instagram, or only reach growth through better marketing than their competitors, marketers are in demand.

    Christina Cherry

    Donkey bridges: learn vocabulary in a flash and never forget it again!

    Learn vocabulary effectively with donkey bridges


    • Vocabulary that you notice by constantly repeating, You forget very quickly again.
    • With donkey bridges you can vocabulary Remember much faster and forgets less often.
    • To do this, you think of a word that sounds similar to German and imagine the two words together figuratively. Already you have created a donkey bridge.
    • Sometimes it is exhausting to think and find a donkey bridge, but it’s worth the effort.

    learn vocabulary is the hate task of every student. It takes ages to remember any words. You are playing and purring and plowing and in the end you forget about half anyway.

    Especially in the vocabulary test, you suddenly do not know anything more about what you have learned “so eagerly”. Unfortunately, at school I was never taught how to learn vocabulary efficiently.

    Like most students, I fell for the learning-by-repeating method. Repeating the word a thousand times is only time-consuming and does not help.

    Christina Cherry

    Popular hiking destination on Überlinger See

    • Boat dock at the Marienschlucht canyon – © Peter Eich
    • The Marienschlucht is now completely closed. – © Peter Eich

    Attention: Complete lock

    The Marienschlucht is completely closed until further notice due to a landslide! It can not be reached on foot or by boat. Access is forbidden. At inspection is not possible. There is a danger of collapse.

    The Marienschlucht is a popular hiking destination on the southern shore of Lake Überlingen, a sidearm of Lake Constance that branches off at Überlingen and Konstanz. It is located near Langenrain, between the holiday resorts of Wallhausen and Bodman-Ludwigshafen. The entire shore is a steep bank: in places, the mountain falls almost vertically more than two hundred meters into the depth. Several narrow streams have dug their way into the rock. The gorges are in some places only about one meter wide.

    Christina Cherry

    Sweat smells sour

    As body odor one defines all odors, which are separated from the body, for example by sweat glands. The individual body odor of a person can change due to a variety of factors. Among other things, your sweat, for example, can start to smell sour. We show you what is behind it and how you can counteract a change in body odor.

    There are numerous causes of body odor. Basically, this is largely influenced by sweat. Many people often talk about the “smell of sweat". But this is an inaccurate formulation because sweat consists of 99% water and is odorless. The remaining percent is composed of substances such as salt, protein and amino acids. The reason for the body odor is instead the reaction between the sweat and bacteria. These decompose the sweat on the skin, releasing butyric acid, which leads to the typical smell of sweat.

    Christina Cherry

    We are there for you as a team – to ensure best treatment results

    Marten Jan Lindeman (MSc)

    "My profession is both my passion and my hobby: Working as a dentist in my hometown of Zeven is very fulfilling.

    Following my studies in Munich and Hamburg, I spent my assistantship from 1991 to 1993 in a dental practice focused on surgery and implantology. Modern dentistry without implants became unthinkable for me. Since then my practice in 1994, I have thus placed more than 1,000 implants from German and Swedish premium suppliers.

    There’s always something new to learn

    I consider lifelong learning (LLL) to be part of normal life, especially since my profession is very fulfilling. That is why I am constantly taking part in further training for my patients in order to learn from the best in the dental industry. Zeven from the United States, Asia or European countries, I bring the dental progress along in my suitcase – new treatment options and materials to ensure the best possible treatment for my patients.

    Christina Cherry

    Mez gmbh - legal info

    Legal Info

    The provider of this telemedia service is

    MEZ GmbH

    Lichtensteinstrasse 150
    72770 Reutlingen
    represented by the Managing Director, dr. Bernd Mez

    Company location is Reutlingen

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    Telephone +49 7072 917-0
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    for the contents:
    Dr. Bernd Mez
    MEZ GmbH
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    Data protection officer:
    Lawyer Michael Stefan, bbg bitbase group
    Am Heilbrunnen 47, D-72766 Reutlingen
    T +49 7121 680849-0 F +49 7121 680849-99
    [email protected]

    Christina Cherry

    RIEGERSDORF is a rural holiday resort in the border triangle of Italy, Slovenia and Austria – 10 km south of Villach – with many leisure activities – cycling, hiking, swimming, skiing, ski touring, cross-country skiing, diving, skating, golf.

    Tri-border corner – 10 km,

    Faakersee – 15 km, Ossiachersee – 20 km, Wörthersee – 25 km, Presseggersee – 30 km, Dobratsch – 20 km, Gerlitze – 20 km, Nassfeld – 45 km, Golf course Alpe Adria -3 km, Tarvis – 20 km, Kranska Gora-15 km

    Christina Cherry