How you experience Scotland like locals

How you experience Scotland like locals

When you think of Scotland, it must feel like you're diving into the lines of a storybook. You might think sitting down with locals by candlelight and listening to old stories about Scotland would be like stepping back in time. It's no wonder this wonderful place gives us that feeling. After all, Harry Potter, the very definition of magic, was largely written and filmed in Scotland. We have a few stories to tell about how you can experience the land of witchcraft and sorcery like locals…

Dive into the local history of mysterious Scotland

If you're visiting Scotland, you should know a thing or two about the history, just like the locals do. Having an understanding of Scotland's history makes travelers feel more connected to the heart of the place. And hey, we're here to help you with that! Here's a quick look at what you should know about Scotland before your trip:

  • Loch Ness may not be just folklore. It has been seen by many locals and travelers alike.
  • The St. Andrew's Day is the national holiday in Scotland and is celebrated on 30. November celebrated.
  • The locally famous Great Highland Bagpipe is Scotland's national instrument (its sound is like Scotland's own theme song!)
  • The first ever color photograph was taken in Scotland by Tartan Ribbon.
  • Scottish clans are kinship groups among Scots, recognizable by the patterns on their kilts or their own coats of arms. The clans are also the reason why there are about 300 castles in Scotland.
  • At least 40% of Scots have the redhead gene.
  • Thousands of years ago, the majority of Scots spoke Gaelic.
  • In the local Gaelic language, whisky translates to the "water of life".

Which brings us to our next point…

Have a sip of whisky like the locals do in a Scottish pub

Another step to experiencing Scotland like locals is, of course, to take a sip of what is called the "water of life". If whisky is the water that gives life, you can be sure there will be no shortage of pubs across the country. Many pubs are associated with local "Inns", some of which have been run by the same family for many, many years. And here's something else you should know: A measure of whisky is called a "nip" or "dram" in Scotland. You can be sure to experience the local culture when you visit a Scottish pub!

Stay at a local bed & breakfast in the beautiful Scottish countryside

If you're planning a trip with your friends, one of the most important questions is where to stay. Scotland has no shortage of bed and breakfasts run by locals where you can immerse yourself in Scottish life during your stay. Scotland has some pretty spectacular scenery, so wherever you book, you're sure to be surrounded by some mystical views. A stay at a B&B in Scotland is sure to make your stay unique!

The Scottish breakfast is also an experience in itself. Start planning your trip and you may get a taste sooner than you think! 😉

Try the Scottish national dish haggis

Haggis is made primarily from the heart, liver, lungs and stomach of a sheep. Have we convinced you to try it yet?? But seriously, it's delicious and definitely a culinary experience you should experience. Also, you can't say you've experienced Scotland like locals if you haven't tried haggis! Vegans – apparently there's also a vegan recipe for haggis 😉

You can never get enough of Scottish landscapes (or the 300 or so castles)

The Scots are proud of the place where they live, and rightly so. The landscapes in Scotland are simply breathtaking, and you should definitely make the most of them to experience them. Whether in the city of Edinburgh or the rolling hills of Glencoe, the misty and moody atmosphere will make you feel like you're in the middle of a fairy tale. Every cobblestone of every alley is a piece of history, and the land is bursting with character.

If you're into castles and want to pretend you're part of a Scottish clan, don't miss visiting these amazing royal fortresses:

  • Castle (if you make a city trip!)
  • Eilean Donan Castle (surrounded by the impressive Scottish Highlands)
  • Craigievar Castle (pretty in pink!)
  • Urquhart Castle (directly at the famous Loch Ness)
  • Inveraray Castle (a journey into the past…)

If hiking and outdoor adventures are more your thing, there's no shortage of amazing landscapes in Scotland for you to hike in. We definitely recommend you to visit:

  • (Old Man of Storr, Quiraing… this island is full of magic!)
  • Glencoe (think of rolling hills…)
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct (are you by chance Harry Potter fan? Maybe you see here the Hogwarts-Express!)

Scotland is a place with a lot of heart and soul, and you will surely feel that during your visit. The local culture has a great importance in this fabulous country. We hope that this guide helped to give an insight on how you can experience Scotland in a most authentic way. JoinMyTrip has a lot of adventures for you, not only in Scotland. You can see them here. Or, lead a trip yourself! Loch Ness is calling..