City trip Florence – a trip to the capital of Tuscany

Florence is with nearly 400.000 inhabitants the metropolis of Tuscany. The city on the Arno River is nestled in the Appenine and Chianti mountain ranges. Florence also has an old town worth seeing with many cultural assets.

Florence City Break

Sights in Florence

The focal point of the old town is Piazza della Signorina, with the famous Fountain of Neptune as the terminus of an ancient equaduct. In front of the Palazzo Vecchio is the statue "David" by Michelangelo, d.h. there is only a copy of it, the original is in a museum. In the old town there are many palazzi and numerous churches to visit. The cathedral should be seen in any case, from its dome you have a wonderful view over Florence.

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Probably everyone knows the Ponte Vecchio. This bridge built with houses is the landmark of Florence. The houses house small stores, especially jewelry can be admired here and of course also bought. Walking across this bridge is part of every vacation in Italy.

Art and culture

Art lovers will get their money's worth in the numerous museums of the city. The Uffizi show classical art, mainly paintings by Italian painters. Other museums worth visiting are the Museo del Bargello and the Galleria del Accademia.

Park in Florence

One of the most beautiful parks in Tuscany is the Giardino di Boboli. Here you can walk around for hours or have a picnic on the green meadows. A beautiful view of Florence from the elevated coffee house.

Shopping in Florence

The metropolis of Tuscany is of course also a shopping city. Cheap stores can be found in the market district. designer stores have their home in Via dei Tornabuoni. In addition to leather goods and fashion, Florence is a good place to buy handicrafts. Antiques can be found in Via Maggio I Gigli is a large shopping center just outside the city, where some outlet centers have also been established. Besides art and culture, Florence also offers a lot of pure Tuscan joie de vivre. In the market hall you can see the inhabitants of Tuscany shopping, there are also many delicacies to taste. Throughout the city you can find good restaurants and wine cellars. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the Florentine nightlife outside, z.B. in the open air disco Lido. For those who want to stay longer in Florence, there are numerous accommodations available. In addition to hotels, Florence also has numerous apartments and vacation homes.