Withdraw money for free while studying abroad – it’s a credit card issue

Credit card abroad

According to various reports, in 2013 there were about 35 million credit cards in circulation in Germany, with these payments were made in the amount of more than 400 million. It has been known for years that especially in countries like the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Australia the credit card is the daily means of payment. Often it is much more convenient to pay by credit card, while on the Internet sometimes it is not even possible to do otherwise. Often online stores, airlines and even other vendors accept orders and purchases only if the customer pays with a credit card, because this way the company can eliminate the risks of non-payment.

Again and again you read about scams on the Internet, but since the Internet will play an increasingly important role in the future, it is essential to always be good and informed – this if possible in all areas. By the way, a great information service in this context is the online magazine "Zeit Online" – here you can find a lot of information about current events and also about topics from politics, as well as about all other socially relevant topics. Especially abroad, a credit card has distinct advantages.

A credit card has the following advantages over other payment methods when abroad:

You get significantly more security, because you need less cash. The owner of a credit card gives little or no thought to the issue of cash supply. Even before the next shopping trip is no annoying look in the wallet of Necessary. In the same way, the annoying search for the nearest ATM is no longer necessary, so credit card holders can approach some topics in a much more relaxed manner. Also, when booking flights or vacations with travel cancellation insurance, the small card can sometimes be very advantageous. In addition, there are other well-known advantages, such as insurance protection, short credits, faster payment, protection in case of loss, or even the better proof of payments.

The best combination – which, by the way, also gives you the most freedom – is, by the way, the combination of a checking account and a credit card. This is the perfect mixture to be prepared for all eventualities abroad and to be able to make your payments quickly and safely. On http://www.best checking account.net you can open the account that suits you best. On the subject of credit cards abroad, students can best consult the site of auslandsbafoeg.de inform, as there is everything worth knowing about the credit card for abroad to read here.

What are the criteria for a good credit card abroad??

Basically, not only every student, but also generally everyone with the desire for a credit card should determine for themselves and quite individually what criteria their credit card should meet, be it a credit card only for abroad, or also for domestic use.

There are many banks and financial service providers who can offer you a credit card, but almost all credit cards differ in the costs and the underlying conditions. In addition, we distinguish between regular credit cards and prepaid credit cards, which only work on a credit basis, because these do not have any requirements for the creditworthiness of the applicant.

In order to obtain as much information as possible, you should therefore consult various comparison portals on the Internet. By the way, many portals are not only ideal for comparing different service providers, but also help you to keep track of current events and other relevant topics. One of the best online magazines in this context is certainly Focus. Readers of this magazine are always up to date on economic and daily topics, making it an ideal source of information.

What to look for when buying a credit card:

  • The first thing to look at before applying for a credit card should definitely be the annual fees, because..
  • Many providers wrap the credit card in a well-tied package, making it look like the card is being offered for free.
  • To attract customers, some providers advertise with a first year free of charge. Starting from the second year some costs result nevertheless again.
  • Another popular variant are the free cards, which can be supplemented by paid offers. Frequent example are additional offers such as insurance or other benefits.
  • Finally, you should also consider how many cash withdrawals are possible per month. Deal with the topic of credit cards in good time, as there are many important points to consider here before making the purchase

And a last tip: A stay abroad is not always easy, so the telephone contact to the family is very important, especially in stressful times. With a phone card for abroad you always keep the costs under control and experience no unpleasant surprises on your mobile phone bill.