Tips for weekend trips

Dear all, I don't know how you see it, but for me, living in the city has many advantages, but also a few disadvantages that can't be dismissed out of hand:

  • IF you can sleep in, you will be woken up in the morning in any case and 100% by something totally annoying: emptying of the glass containers at 08:00 a.m.00 o'clock, a neighbor cleans her tiles in the courtyard with a metal spar, a truck stops in front of the window and lets the engine run for a relaxed 45 minutes, the fire department, the police, and then the fire department again race past the window with their sirens blaring, or a leftover drunk pukes on the street below and then starts crying. What I want to say: It is always loud.
  • If you are on foot or by bike, you constantly have the need to google for a breathing mask. Passing trucks wrap you in black haze clouds and when you can finally escape the main road, your clothes and hair continue to exhale this disgusting city fume for hours. Weather apps even warn about: bad air quality and there is no escape. No filter, no mask protects you from the stress on the streets. The air in cities is simply catastrophic.
  • If I want to go for a walk of 20 km that means 50 streets to cross, 30 near deaths by bike or car accidents, 10 people bumping into me, dog shit I have to avoid and a neat view of houses where one is uglier than the other. It is just always crowded. Full of people, with buildings, with everything.

Before you ask yourself now why I live in a big city – we'll do that again on the topic when else. Now it's about tactics, how to avoid these factors on the holy weekend. My solution is very simple: escape to the countryside. Since my Instakanal now looks like I live in the countryside, people keep asking me: where are you then so? Tadaaaa so this post is born and I like to share with you my experience around the topic of excursions and weekend trips around Dusseldorf. Whether hiking or spa, Dusseldorf is quite well located and you have several options. From day trips to weekend trips. For local recreation there are generally three large areas available to you.

Local recreation areas around Dusseldorf

  • Eifel: 5.300 km² area, the closest point to Dusseldorf is ca. 1.5 hours from Dusseldorf. It is a low mountain range and the highest point is the Hohe Acht with 746,9 meters. On 313 km you can hike the Eifelsteig and also otherwise you will find numerous paths here, which are worth discovering.
  • Mosel: The Mosel area is known for its wines but also for its great hikes and trails. Especially worth seeing is the Moselschleife and the Kletterstiege. In every town there are numerous routes and places to stop for refreshments. Further down I link you a great tour from Schratundfee.
  • Sauerland: With its 4462 km² km area the low mountain region Sauerland is not the biggest area, but in my opinion the most beautiful one! The Rohaargebirge with its Rothaarsteig has some of the most beautiful routes in this region.

Day trips around Dusseldorf

You don't always have time and money to escape for several days. You do not have to. Around Dusseldorf there are such beautiful excursions that are really worthwhile. Everything is reachable in up to one hour driving time. I'm more of a hiker, that's why it's mostly routes through nature. If you start early, have something to drink and a snack in your backpack, the day can be spent wonderfully in nature. Whether you plan a small hike, a picnic or a big tour is up to you. By the way, a great tip here is the app Komoot. You can simply enter your location and Komoot spits out the routes in the vicinity. My absolute favorite routes within a 30-minute radius of Dusseldorf are the following:

A little further journey (up to 2 hours) but still worthwhile:

    : small hotels and pensions at good prices you can find everywhere, becauseter below I link you still a wellness hotel to stay overnight. (Link to Komoot)

Click on the names of most of them to get a more detailed description including a Komoot route. Of course you can find all routes like this at Komoot or via Google.

Weekend hideaways around Dusseldorf

If it may be then nevertheless somewhat more relaxation, I recommend a Friday – Monday excursion. If you arrive already on Friday, you have time to come down, then you have 2 full days and can start the week on Monday rested. Perfect to recharge empty batteries and clear your head. Perfect is 2 hours of journey, very rarely I accept even 4. Also for this my favorites for you:

  • Wonderful views in the Eifel : Here is splendor announced. You really have to be up for a somewhat slippery, urgemutlich encounter. It's all very well done, from the fondue to the lovely breakfasts but be prepared not to encounter Skandi chic! We were completely in love with this very cozy weekend! : 2 hours from Dusseldorf, spacious cabins with breakfast in the cabin and dinner in the restaurant, infrared sauna, bathtub : ca. 2 hours from Dusseldorf. Important! Book the new rooms in the villa. Classic Mosel hotel with wine tasting and spa. Breakfast and dinner can be booked additionally. Near the Mosel Loop. Approx 3.5 hours from Dusseldorf and located directly on the Brocken mountain. Both rooms and cabins, eat in the hotel's own restaurant. Great tours directly from the hotel. 40 minutes from Dusseldorf. Spacious wellness area, great suites. 3/4 Connoisseur pension, excellent cuisine.

You see, Dusseldorf is conveniently located and even if you come from the Ruhr area, the destinations are all easy to reach. Of course I'm always looking around and I'm happy about your insider tips! Maybe you can think of one or two other spots that can be shared.