25 Best Things to Do in Williams, Arizona

25 Best Things to Do in Williams, Arizona (Arizona)

Williams is a high desert village in northern Arizona. The city is known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon National Park. Home of the Grand Canyon Railway, the city is a major transportation hub to and from the world's only natural wonder. Historic Route 66 runs through the heart of this great city, and on either side, the 20th century American-style restaurants and stores remain. Preserved in the twentieth century. From Bearizona Wildlife Park to Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum to the Big Toy Playground, visitors can enjoy a town with unique history, lots of charm and plenty of opportunities for adventure. Photo: Travelogue / Fotolia

Grand Canyon Railroad

Since 1901, the Grand Canyon Railway has taken passengers on a legendary journey through the Arizona countryside and into the heart of the Grand Canyon. Train departs at 9.30 a.m. from the Williams Depot and arrive at the Grand Canyon at 11.30 h. The returning train departs the Grand Canyon at 15.30 p.m. and arrives around 5.45 am at Williams Depot on. There is a second train schedule in high volume time periods that runs one hour later than the regular posted times. Passengers are treated to entertainment in the form of musicians, attendants with regional and historical knowledge, and an old-fashioned train robbery. During the journey, they enjoy breathtaking views, world-class comfort, light snacks and delicious libations. Contact: 233 North Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-4010 Photo: whiteadamas / Fotolia

Bearizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona Wildlife Park is located in north-central Arizona, nestled in the stunning Kaibab National Forest. As visitors drive through the park's ponderosa pine forest, they have the opportunity to observe North American animals in their natural habitats. Fort Bearizona offers more of a traditional? Zoo? Type of setting, with a beautiful walk-through area that is 20 acres in size. Species of animals visitors can expect to see here include black bears, bobcats, otters, prairie dogs, reptiles and ferrets. Visitors are also treated to Ambassador Animal Shows, where keepers train the park's program animals. Contact: 1500 East Route 66, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-2289 Photo: Dottie / Fotolia

Williams Depot

Williams Depot is a historic, privately owned train station located in the heart of Williams, Arizona. In 1882, the first railroad to run through the city of Williams was built by the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, part of the transcontinental Railroad Western Division. On 17. September 1901, the first passenger train ran from Williams to Grand Canyon South Rim. Williams Depot, the headquarters and southern terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway, offers a restaurant, ticket office, restrooms, coffee stand and gift shop. The original building that housed the Fray Marcos Hotel still stands, and it is the oldest poured concrete structure in Arizona. Visitors have the opportunity to tour classic rail cars and learn all about the history of the Western Railroad. Contact: 233 North Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-2367 Photo: anghinet / Fotolia

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

For more than four decades, the Grand Canyon Deer Farm has been favored by animal lovers from across the country and around the world. Visitors have the rare opportunity to get up close and personal. Experience with a variety of beautiful creatures. These special moments of intimate human contact are only possible when the animals are raised from infancy to adulthood. Animal species visitors can expect to see on their journey include camels, reindeer, mule deer, miniature horses, moose, pig roasts, goats, wallabies and more. The farm's trainers and staff work tirelessly to care for and nurture the animals so visitors can make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact: 6769 East Deer Farm Road, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-4073 Photo: Olesia Bilkei / Fotolia

Aircraft of Fame Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum is an aircraft museum with over 150 aircraft on display, at least 50 of which can still fly today. The museum is located just off Arizona State Route 64, about 30 miles north of downtown Williams, Arizona. From flying and static aircraft and restoration projects to military vehicles and the 475th Fighter Group collection, visitors have the opportunity to travel back in time as they explore the museum's historic collection. Airplane fans will see the sky here, as they'll see everything from a Curtiss Warhawk P-40N to a Lockheed Starfighter F-104G to a Douglas Skyraider AD-4N. Contact: 755 Mustang Way, Williams-Valle, AZ, phone: 928-635-1000 Photo: tzuky333 / Fotolia

Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum

Visitors will be transported back in time to relive the glory days of one of the nation's most famous roads, Route 66. Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum is a combination gift store and museum for people who appreciate the history of Route 66. The service station museum is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Williams, Arizona. The carefully restored gas station houses several antiques, including old oil, tire, gas, travel and product signs, gas pumps and vintage cars.Visitors will enjoy all the great information they will receive from the owners, as well as free admission and accessibility – daily from 9.00 a.m. to 21.00 a.m. (subject to change) to appreciate. Contact: 101 East Route 66, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-2675 Photo: mr_ptica / Fotolia

Williams and Forest Service Visitor Center

The Williams and Forest Service visitor center is located in the heart of downtown Williams, Arizona, just off historic Route 66. The center's friendly and knowledgeable staff helps visitors make the most of their Northern Arizona experience. Visitors will find that this old railroad depot is more than just another information center; it is equipped with a wide selection of educational materials and books, regional maps and Forest Service maps. The center even offers a concierge service that makes reservations for visitors and provides detailed tour information. This center proudly promotes the Grand Canyon, Williams and the surrounding northern Arizona communities. Contact: 200 West Railroad Avenue, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-4061 Photo: Boris / Fotolia

Colors of the West

Colours of the West is a wonderful gift store that has been at the corner of Bill Williams Boulevard and 2nd Street since 1991-currently 201 West 66. The business has been owned and operated by the same family since its inception. Every customer who finds their way into the store is greeted by smiles, warm hospitality and a family atmosphere. The store carries specialty foods, hundreds of different hot sauces, clothing, western house wine and 40 different kinds of delicious saltwater taffy. Visitors looking for a unique shopping experience with a personal touch should look no further than the Colors of the West. Contact: 210 West Route 66, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-4310 Photo: Colors of the West

Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon is Arizona's second largest canyon in Red Rock Country and stretches an impressive 21 miles long. Comparable in size and beauty to nearby Oak Creek Canyon, Sycamore features several colorful rock formations, lush flora and diverse wildlife species. Unlike Oak Creek, Sycamore has no road that winds through the canyon and can only be reached via the dirt roads of the Kaibab National Forest. The canyon is a popular gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts; here you can enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. With no artificial lighting to pollute the night sky, visitors camping or exploring the canyon at night are treated to breathtaking views of twinkling stars. Contact: Williams Ranger District, 742 South Clover Road, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-5600 Photo: Alan / Fotolia

Grand Canyon Wine Company

Located in downtown Williams, Arizona, the Grand Canyon Wine Company offers visitors a unique and immersive indoor experience. They have the honor of being the only winery in Arizona that also produces craft beer. Visitors have the opportunity to sample local craft beer and wine tasting flights in a casual setting. Family-run winery strives to produce locally made wine with only the finest ingredients. Visitors can sample sensational craft beers and wines in the winery's charming tasting room, complete with earth tones, bistro tables, blue bar stools, chalkboard menus, an L-shaped bar and stylish decor. Contact: 138 West Route 66, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635 5232 Photo: Grand Canyon Wine Company

Bill Williams Monument Park

In an attempt to honor Bill Williams (responsible for inspiring Williams, Arizona), the city created a statue in his likeness to commemorate him. The statue was erected in 1980 in front of Senator Barry Goldwater and a group of enthusiastic Williams residents. The statue is located in scenic Williams Park on historic Route 66. The park attracts thousands of visitors each year to photograph the famous statue and its surroundings. The park and statue are known as the most photographed sites in all of Williams, Arizona. The magnificent statue was created by local Arizona artist, Bill Pettit. Contact: Williams Park, Route 66 and South 9th Street, Williams, AZ Photo by Sarah.Camille / Fotolia

White Horse Lake Campground

White Horse Lake Campground is an incredibly popular camping and recreation area located about 20 miles southeast of Williams, Arizona. The lake's campground is located just an hour from the southern edge of Grand Canyon National Park. Surrounded by the diverse and breathtaking landscape of the Kaibab National Forest, visitors can enjoy a wonderfully picturesque setting during their time at White Horse Lake. The area around the lake offers great opportunities for mountain biking, hiking and wildlife viewing. The lake is teeming with fish, from channel catfish to brown trout to rainbow trout. Campers will often see elk, deer and a few other species of wildlife on the shores of the lake. Contact: FR 109, Kaibab National Forest, Williams, AZ, Phone: 877-444-6777 Photo: daseaford / Fotolia

Buckskinner Park

Arizona is packed with excellent, family-friendly parks and scenic vistas. Buckskinner Park in Williams, Arizona, is part of this elite collection. The park is available daily and is equipped with bathrooms, fire pits, two picnic armenadas and grills.The park has several miles of trails, ideal for mountain biking, running, hiking and walking the dogs. A dazzling lake with a variety of fish species is also available. Anglers will be pleased to know that the park allows fishing. For visitors looking for a little outdoor recreation, the park offers a basketball court, volleyball court and horseshoe pits. Buckskinner Park provides the perfect setting for a fun day under the Arizona sun. Contact: South 6th Street, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-1418 Photo: Fotolia.com

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Bull Basin Road

Bull Basin Road is a scenic road that winds through northern/central Arizona east of Williams. The mountainous surroundings offer breathtaking views during the 17-mile round-trip drive. Because of the high elevation and therefore harsh elements in winter, the scenic road is only accessible from spring through fall. As the road winds through the Kaibab National Forest, visitors will see flora consisting of oak, juniper, blue spruce, aspen, Engelmann spruce, Douglas fir and ponderosa. It is also very common to see wildlife while traveling on the road, including turkey, pronghorn, elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer. The round trip takes about an hour and will leave visitors with unforgettable memories. Contact: I-40 East, Exit 178, (east of) Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-5680 Photo: jcomp / Fotolia

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Valle Travel Stop

Valle Travel Stop is a gift store in a travel service complex at the intersection of Arizona State Route 64 and U.S. Route 180 in Williams, Arizona. The complex also includes the Native American Art & Jewelry Gallery, the Grand Canyon Inn, the Southwestern Gift Store, a cocktail lounge and a restaurant. Grand Canyon National Park is located just 23 miles north of the complex. This makes it an ideal place for visitors to stay, shop and dine in the park. In the store, visitors will find items such as pottery, artwork, clothing, shoes, headwear, jewelry, antiques, vintage signs, accessories and more. Contact: 317 South State Route 64, Williams-Valle, AZ, phone: 928-635-2008 Photo: Vellot / Fotolia

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Beale Wagon Road Historic Trail

The Beale Wagon Road Historic Trail is a 1.240-mile route that stretches from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to the winding Colorado River. Part of this historic trail traverses 23 miles of beautiful terrain in the Kaibab National Forest. The trail offers several different access points so visitors can enjoy hikes of varying difficulty and length. The trail is the perfect place for people looking for outdoor recreation, here they can enjoy camping, trail running, hiking, walking, horseback riding. Along the way, visitors can see ancient artifacts, including ancient bottles and cans, remains of stone tools, arrowheads and arrowheads and shards of clay. Contact: I-40 Parks Exit, FR 141, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-4707 Photo: wade / Fotolia

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Elk Ridge Ski & Recreation Area

Elk Ridge Ski & Outdoor Recreation Area is a family-oriented tubing, skiing and snowboarding recreation area open year-round in Williams, Arizona. The 37-acre property is located near the southwest entrance to Grand Canyon National Park in the Kaibab National Forest on Bill Williams Mountain. The mountain features a certified tubing hill (the only one in the area), two surface lifts and 12 incredibly beautiful alpine trails. Other amenities include a newly renovated lodge with kitchen, bar and restaurant. Whether it's a group of friends, the whole family or even solo adventurers, everyone will have the time or their life on the Elk Ridge slopes. Contact: 2467 South Perkinsville Street, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-814-5038 Photo: snedorez / Fotolia

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Route 66 Zipline

The Route 66 Zipline is an exhilarating thrill ride right along historic Route 66 in Williams, Arizona. The zipline opened its doors in June 2013 and has been one of the city's top attractions ever since. Ziplines are an easy, safe and fun way to have fun with friends or the whole family. As visitors soar through the sky above the city of Williams, the screams and shrill sounds can echo throughout the streets below. Ziplines are very unique, riders will fly the lines in side-by-side seats instead of harnesses. This added feature of the ziplines makes it easier for younger children to enjoy the attraction. Contact: 200 North Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-286-3400 Photo: Route 66 Zipline

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Big Toy Playground

Big Toy Playground is a unique, fun heavy machinery adventure in the high desert town of Williams, Arizona. For anyone who grew up with Tonka trucks, clearing a mountain of dirt or digging a huge hole for the first time will feel like a dream come true. Visitors over the age of 14 have the opportunity to operate heavy machinery in the form of skid steers, backhoes and excavators. Some of the fun activities visitors can enjoy with the various machines include playing backhoe, stacking giant towers with tires and maneuvering through a large obstacle course. Sessions typically last 90 minutes with a minimum of 60 minutes of operating time. Contact: 287 South Garland Prairie Road, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-212-8004 Photo: large toy playground

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The Inner Canyon Tour of Williams

For travelers who want to experience the magnificent Grand Canyon from the bottom up while staying on solid ground, check out the Inner Canyon Tour of Williams, Arizona. During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to experience Arizona's unique life history from the north and south sides to the Colorado River and everything in between. The journey begins aboard a comfortable van or motor coach that travels along historic Route 66 to Peach Springs, Arizona. Upon arrival, visitors will descend into the deep gorge of the canyon and admire the towering rock walls, unusual desert plants and spectacular scenery. On the lower level, visitors have the opportunity to rest, have lunch by the river and take photos. Contact: 395 State Route 64, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-779-3163 Photo: Boris / Fotolia

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South Rims Wine & Beer Garage

South Rims Wine & Beer Garage is one of the best lounge and tasting rooms in Northern Arizona. Wine bar located on Historic Route 66 in the Grand Canyon town of Williams. South Rims offers several different Arizona wine and craft beers, unique souvenirs and gifts, and local collectibles. Relax in the cozy wine bistro or enjoy the casual atmosphere of the main bar or enjoy the expansive patio and courtyard. Guests will appreciate South Rims' sensational food, from crab cakes and Route 66 salad to an eggplant portabella sandwich and key lime tart. One of the highlights of the wine bar is the classic Pontiac GTO parked in 1967. Contact: 514 East Route 66, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-5902 Photo: South Rims Wine & Beer Garage

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Red Rims Restaurant

Red Raven Restaurant offers an upscale culinary experience in a casual atmosphere in historic downtown Williams, Arizona. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Grand Canyon Railway and Grand Canyon National Park. Guests will appreciate the restaurant's delicious, artfully prepared cuisine, selection of premium beers and wines, and comfortable atmosphere. The interior features light-colored brick, beige walls with forest green bases, a red-painted ceiling, exposed HVAC ducts, a charming bar nook, bistro-style tables and chairs, and some scattered artwork. Guests will enjoy delicious grilled salmon – served on a bed of greens, tossed in ginger-sesame dressing and topped with red onions, cilantro, grape tomatoes and pine nuts. Contact: 135 West Route 66, Williams, AZ, phone: 928-635-4980 Photo: Alex Tihonov / Fotolia

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Footsteps on Route 66

Nestled among the mountains and tall pines of Northern Arizona, visitors will find kicks on Route 66 in the historic town of Williams. The restaurant offers innovative dishes prepared by highly talented chef Shawn Burns. The owners pride themselves on the fact that the restaurant always uses the freshest locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They really wanted to emphasize farm to table? Movement that has conquered the nation's hottest restaurants. From salads and appetizers to grilled steaks, seafood and ribs, the menu has something for everyone. Diners will appreciate the wide selection of draft beers, full bar and live entertainment on site. Contact: 2550 West Route 66, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-2052 Photo: footsteps on Route 66

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Marvous Grand Canyon Tours

Marvellous Marv Grand Canyon Tours is a tour operator in the Gateway to the Grand Canyon – Williams, Arizona. Since the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the only one located within the continental United States, it's easy to see why it's such a fascinating and popular international destination. Visitors on tours are entertained with various facts and figures about the Grand Canyon, including bio-diversity, biology (flora and fauna), anthropology, geology, physical history, cultural history and more. During the excursion, guests will have the opportunity to do a little shopping in the village of South Rim or participate in a short hike along the Bright Angel Trail. Contact: 200 West Railroad Avenue, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-707-0291 Photo: Boris / Fotolia

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Grand Canyon Brewery

Grand Canyon Brewing Company is a brewery, distillery, tap house and restaurant located in downtown Williams, Arizona. This family-owned and operated craft brewery got its start in August 2007 and has been growing in popularity ever since. The brewery's recent success and increasing demand have led to expansion, as well as greater reach beyond Arizona to markets in Nevada and South Korea. After a long day of rafting, climbing or hiking through the Grand Canyon, visitors can head to the taproom and enjoy a refreshing craft beer. You'll enjoy favorites like Black Iron IPA, American Pilsner, Sunset Amber Ale and Grand Canyon Expeditions Wheat Ale. Contact: 301 North 7th Street, Williams, AZ, Phone: 928-635-1911 Photo: Grand Canyon Brewing Company

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