Berlin television tower

With a height of 368 meters, the Berlin TV tower is the largest free-standing building in Germany. With over a million visitors a year, it is one of the most popular sights in Berlin.

In addition to its main function as a transmitter for radio and television, "Fernmeldeturm 32" also serves as a lookout tower. Those who go up to the viewing platform at a height of 203 meters have an unforgettable view of the whole city from its revolving restaurant.

Although somewhat aged since its opening in 1969, the Berlin landmark has lost none of its appeal to visitors to the city. Most of them come for the spectacular view of the German capital.

Originally built to showcase the strength of communism, the TV Tower can be seen for miles across the city. The former prestige object of the GDR became, along with the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the reunification of the city and is now a landmark of all Berlin.


The Berlin television tower was initially to be built in the Muggelberge in the southeast of the city. When the foundation was already finished, it was noticed that the tower would disturb the air traffic of the Schonefeld airport.

After construction was halted, a new location was feverishly sought. Favored was the Volkspark Friedrichshain and four other locations near the park.

Since the government had a special interest in broadcasting, the political pressure to implement it increased. The planners made new proposals, but it was considered to cancel the public area of the increasingly ambitious building project for cost reasons.

Finally, Walter Ulbricht decided to prefer the planned TV tower to the tall and unprofitable government building and recommended it be built west of Alexanderplatz station. The recommended choice of location was tantamount to an order, which was subsequently formulated by the Politburo as a work instruction.

Consequently, the television tower was completed and put into operation in 1969 next to Alexanderplatz.

View from the platform of the Berlin television tower

The view

The observation deck of the TV tower is 203 meters above the ground. In good weather, you can see up to 70 kilometers beyond the city limits through the slanted thermal windows.

If you want to go up, you will be greeted by the futuristic design of the 60s already on the way to the elevator – you will find it again in the whole tower, it is a listed building.

A special highlight is the revolving restaurant 21 steps above the observation deck at a height of 207 meters. Like the rings of Saturn, the tables of the restaurant move 360° around the concrete shaft of the tower in the space of an hour. Thus the guests can look while they enjoy their meal, completely besides in all sky directions.

Visitor numbers

On average, about 1.2 million tourists from about 90 countries go up to the glass dome every year. Thus, the TV trunk is clearly one of the most popular German attractions. The total number of people allowed in the sphere is 320 people. Of the up to 5000 guests daily, about 1500 visit the tower restaurant.

Sporting Events

On 3. July 1998 the first tower stair run took place in the Berlin TV tower, which was won by the hurdle sprinter and former Olympic champion Thomas Munkelt with 5:56 minutes. In doing so, he made the 986 steps to the observation deck five seconds faster than the three-time winner of New York's Empire State Building run.

Special occasions

Since 2004 at the Festival of Lights and at the Festival Berlin leuchtet buildings and facades in the capital colorfully illuminated. The TV tower is illuminated with changing light effects or colorful animations are projected on the concrete tower.

For the soccer world championship 2006 the 3.000 square meters of aluminum and glass surface of the dome covered with a special foil by Telekom. During the event, the normally black fields of a soccer ball glowed magenta over the city, the color of the tower's owner Telekom.