5 tips for your hut party at home

A winter without Zirberl, Mickie Krause and dancing in cramped spaces on the mountain? Will we be able to cope? – Of course! If you have survived the winter "partying" in lofty heights, with all kinds of creative spirits and especially the subsequent descent, you will also be able to cope with a winter season without après ski. A little detox is good every now and then.

However, if you look back on your last après-ski evening with a bit more nostalgia, and if the sound of the word itself makes your dancing hips itch, here are 5 steps you can take to bring a little bit of that alpine feeling into your own walls. Let's go!

01 The right playlist

Apres ski without music is like swimming without water. Well, difficult. Even if the après ski classics, to be honest, are anything but content-rich songs, we don't care how many word repetitions occur within 3 minutes when partying at the hut, unlike German school work. The easier to sing along the better for the general mood! Get inspired by our playlist and dance in your mind on the umbrella bar!

02 Zirberl, Willi & Co.

Beside wine & beer for a decent Apres Ski party at home the somewhat more spirited beverages may not be missing. Besides the "short" classics like Zirberl, Willi & Co. there are also a number of special creations that are really only to be found at après ski. These are usually characterized by names where you do not know in advance exactly what you ordered at the bar. Like "hot witch", "bombardino", "peasant tequila", "flying moo", "lumumba", "wing" or "hot granny". And that's just a handful of exquisite drinks that have made their way onto many a liquid piste menu.
Who wants to arise without alcohol tendency, which procures itself simply a few bottles Almdudler (affectionately leather pants Whiskey called) kredenzt itself a ski water or a hot chocolate with whipped cream.

03 Ski lodge feeling at the plate

So a few hearty snacks are part of every good party. In particular, before the après ski on the mountain, it is recommended to try one or the other hut dish – my grandpa always said that was so important, because otherwise the consumed Zirbenschnaps instant lifts you out of your ski boots – and we do not want that 😉

Classics, like Kaspressknodelsuppe, Kasnocken, Gulaschsuppe, Kaiserschmarren & Co. can be prepared at home in no time at all – and tasted afterwards!

04 The right outfit for that alpine feeling

If you want to go one better besides real music & culinary, you can also dress up in your ski outfit – especially recommended for those who can have their party outdoors. If you celebrate indoors, you can wear one or the other traditional garment, if available. Or by far the lightest outfit – just strap your ski goggles on your head and you're done. With hoods & scarves this also works quite well.

05 umbrella bar disco atmosphere

In order to feel at home also atmospheric to the hut feeling resp. If you want to match the atmosphere of the umbrella bar, you can add a disco ball (DIY), some fairy lights and pieces of your ski equipment to enhance the atmosphere within your four walls. There are absolutely no limits to your imagination. No matter what elements conjure you mentally in alpine terrain – just build them in.

These are our 5 tips for après ski feeling at home. Short & crisp. Now it's just MUSIC ON & GO!! If celebrating in a small circle seems too boring, you can virtually join forces with a few like-minded après ski fans and have a joint Lip Sync Battle to the hits of Mickie Krause, Helene Fischer & Co. organize. Have fun!