What you need to know about camping in Norway

To make your Norwegian adventure unforgettable, we give you a few tips on what to consider when camping in Norway.

Marie Ducharne

Endless nature, dreamlike landscapes, rugged coasts, wild mountains, huge glaciers, romantic waterfalls and enchanting fjords – Norway is an incredibly versatile country and at the same time a true road trip paradise, you will be thrilled. To make your Norwegian adventure unforgettable, we give you a few tips on what you should keep in mind when camping in Norway.

Wild camping in Norway – allowed or not?

Norwegians are an absolute nature and freedom loving people and therefore have made this passion their law. Norway has the Everyman's Right, which allows anyone (whether local or tourist) to roam almost anywhere in the great outdoors. This allows you to walk or hike practically everywhere and also sleep under the open sky.

However, the Everyman's Right does not apply in fenced, managed or inhabited areas. Also with the motorhome you may park in Norway in principle in the free nature, however, only on public roads and ways. To make sure that Norway remains such a camper-friendly country, you should follow a few important rules when wild camping here as well.

Respect signs and prohibitions

Basically you are allowed to stay overnight with your camper on all designated park and picnic areas, unless it is explicitly prohibited. Also on the special stacking places for wood you may park as a rule.

Many campsites in Norway are free of charge, but overnight camping is not allowed on some sites. These places are usually specially marked with the notice "no camping from 20 to 8 o'clock". Always pay attention to the signs and respect them, even if you see other campers parked there. Ideally, you make the other campers aware of this, perhaps they have overlooked the signs.

Avoid camping on private property

You are not allowed to camp on private land without the owner's permission. Even if you get permission, you should not stay longer than two days in one place. This usually applies to public parking lots as well.

If you park your camper near houses, you should make sure that you keep a distance of at least 150 meters, so as not to disturb the residents.

Respect nature

Even if it screams adventure to go on new paths, you should always treat nature with respect.

This includes that you move only on already existing paths and trails to protect the nature. If you're near a national park, check with the park ranger here about breeding and nesting seasons. In fact, in many areas the parks are not open to the public at this time of year, so as not to disturb the wildlife.

Leave the place as you found it

Or in the best case even cleaner. Always take your garbage back with you and dispose of it properly.

This also applies to your camping toilet, the grey water and waste water. There are many special waste disposal stations in Norway, which are easy to find. Usually there is a station at the gas stations, supermarkets and rest areas. Also in the bigger cities you will always find a waste disposal station, which in most cases is free of charge.

If you should be traveling in somewhat lonelier areas, you can dispose of your waste water at one of the many campgrounds. There are still plenty of them even in the remote areas.

Avoid camping-like behavior in public places

As long as camping is not expressly forbidden, you may stand and spend the night in many parking lots, but you should not make yourself too at home here. Don't put tables and chairs outside, keep the awning retracted and don't use the carpet in front of the camper. You should also always be considerate of your fellow campers and neighbors and not make a lot of noise.

If there is enough space, many campers also appreciate it if you keep enough distance from them so that everyone can enjoy their privacy.

Don't make an open fire in the high season

From mid-April to mid-September there is a strict fire ban in Norway, especially near forests. Be sure to do so, so as not to be responsible for a forest fire later.

If you still don't want to give up your delicious grilled steak, you should rather check in at a campsite. Most places have special barbecue areas that you can use at any time. So you don't have to miss the barbecue feeling during your Norway trip.

Fishing, berry and mushroom picking

Picking berries and mushrooms is allowed everywhere in Norway, unlike fishing. Here you are only allowed to fish in salt waters without a permit. In fresh waters you will always need a special permit for it.

Nature camping or camping – how to find the best places in Norway

You like to enjoy absolute peace and quiet and are a true nature lover, then the countless free campsites are made for you. You'll find the best, and often free, parking spots at the many overlooks, in port towns and at wooded areas with hiking trails.

Even in the larger cities there are many sites where you can stay overnight with your camper.

If you would like to have more comfort and enjoy the advantages of a camping site, you will find plenty of them in Norway, also in lonely areas. With over a thousand campgrounds, you'll get everything from a simple meadow to a luxurious campground with a pool.

In tourist areas like Lofoten, it's better to book your campsite in advance during high season, as it can get crowded very quickly.

The best time to travel for your Norway road trip

The best time to explore Norway by motorhome is in summer. From May to September, you can expect the most stable weather here and get the most hours of sunshine.

In spring and autumn the weather is rather unstable and you can be surprised by temperature fluctuations of up to 25 degrees. Also, it can happen that many passes and roads are still closed because of the snow masses.

Make your Norway trip memorable and allow plenty of time

If you plan to travel the whole of Norway by camper, you should plan at least 6 – 8 weeks for it. Especially if you also want to explore the North Cape and the Lofoten Islands.

If you have less time for your Norway road trip, then Southern Norway, Central Norway and Fjord Norway are the best for it.

To start your trip relaxed, rent your camper at our station in Oslo and start your unforgettable Norway road trip from here.