Bean Batter

Actually I didn't want to write any more restaurant tips on Wallygusto, but Munich has so many interesting new openings to offer. And there are places that I find so cool that I don't want to withhold them from you. And so it also happens that I don't want to deprive you of my latest culinary discovery: the Bean Batter in the West End.

Disclaimer: This post contains, among other things, unpaid and uncommissioned recommendations and links to them. I share with you only what I think is interesting. I have also paid my own way on each of my visits.

As I've told you many times before, Mr. Wallygusto and I have had a real thing going on since our vacations in Sweden: there, you really can't miss the sweet pastry when you stop at a mountain hut! But also spicy variations like potato waffles are welcome – at least at home! So when I first read about the wonderful waffles at the Bean Batter, it was quickly clear: we absolutely have to go there!

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Due to the large window fronts, the Bean Batter looks bright and friendly. The decor is a cozy mix of industrial chic, light wood and blue walls.
The bar is dominated by a stylish portafilter machine and plates of sweet stuff in the form of croissants and cakes. Next to it hangs a plaque with the apt inscription: "I LOVE HASHTAGS because they look like WAFFLES"!

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The menu at the Bean Batter focuses on waffles – Belgian waffles, to be exact. This may have the practical reason that you can better cover thick waffles: Salty with marinated mushrooms, feta crumble, caper apples or sweet with maple curd, berry grits and salted brittle.

In addition, there are French rolls, cakes and some waffle-free dishes, such as shakshuka and house bread or bread salad with olives, peppers, red onions and celery. On the website, it's simply called comfort food – or hygge or cozy food.

When it comes to coffee, it's local, so the coffee comes from the small but fine roastery Jb kaffee in Dachau. For almost 10 years, only specialty coffee from selected farms in Africa and South America has been roasted there. There are only light roasts, whose flavors are fruity, berry, nutty or floral.

Bean Batter | Schwanthalerhohe - One of many gastro tips on


The olive waffle with marinated mushrooms & Fetacrumble is simply the hammer! But the version with pumpkin chutney, gratinated goat cheese and pumpkin seed brittle is almost even better. The waffles are nice and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and the topping perfectly combines fruity and tart flavors. I have been told that the French rolls are also delicious. So far, however, I could not convince myself of it yet. There's nothing wrong with the coffee anyway: Cortado and cappuccino are among the best you can get in a coffee cup in Munich at Bean + Batter.


Order at the table, pay at the counter. The service is always cheerful and attentive. There are no long waits for coffee and waffles, everything is served quickly and with a smile.


If you want one on the waffle, you pay 3.00 euros for the simplest sweet version and 7.90 euros for the salty luxury copy. Coffee prices range from 1.90 euros for an espresso to 3.60 euros for a flat white.

Bean Batter | Schwanthalerhohe - One of many gastro tips on


One notices immediately that professionals are at work here! The Bean Batter is a fabulous link between the Westend and Schwabing, as they also run the Standl 20 at the Schwabinger Elisabethmarkt. I was so far twice in the Bean Batter and am absolutely inspired by waffles & coffee!