10 tips to protect babies and children from the heat

Summer is here and in all its glory. At times, the extreme heat can be quite stressful for babies and toddlers. I have summarized for you the most important tips on how to best protect babies and children from the heat:

Drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of shade, wear airy clothing

These rules apply not only to adults, but even more so to babies and young children. Because they are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. Newborns and babies who are breastfed are well hydrated through breastfeeding in every case. "In general, breastfeeding is sufficient even in hot weather. But it's important to nurse the baby on demand, not on a fixed schedule. Babies who are not fully breastfed, but also take the bottle in between, should of course be offered water all the more often in hot weather.", explains Dr. Andreas Hanslik from the Schumanngasse pediatric practice in the 17. Vienna district. Infants and school-age children should be offered only water or unsweetened, diluted tea to drink throughout the day.

In addition to drinking, it's crucial to avoid the hours of greatest heat – around lunchtime and in the afternoon – as much as possible and to stay outdoors with babies and children. Alternatively, natural shade, in the forest or in parks, also offers protection from the midday sun. As a matter of principle, especially the first year with baby, stay out of the blazing sun and spend more time in the shade. Skin is many times thinner, therefore much more sensitive.

The right sunshade

Especially in the height of summer, it is impossible to completely avoid the sun and therefore, above all, airy clothing, a head covering and sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 are enormously important. For young children, daily application of sunscreen should be part of the morning routine in summer, as children's skin reacts quickly to aggressive UVA and UVA rays. You should always use special sun creams for children or sun protection products for sensitive skin. Children's skin is still very thin and sensitive. It reacts more quickly to radiation, but also to ingredients in cosmetic products such as sunscreens. When choosing the right sunscreen, there are different criteria to pay attention to. But a safe children's sunscreen may cost a few euros more. Meanwhile, sunscreens with only mineral UV filters also perform very well. At oko Test some sun creams were tested for their ingredients.

Car heat trap

Under no circumstances should babies and children be left alone in the car – not even for a few minutes. In general, cars should be parked in the shade to avoid the heat accumulating inside. Because even at moderate outside temperatures, a car can heat up extremely quickly. The consequences for the child's organism are fatal.

10 tips to protect babies and children from the heat

  • Breastfed children are sufficiently supplied with liquid
  • Always offer water or unsweetened tea to small children
  • Lunch and afternoons are best spent indoors, in a cool place
  • Avoid direct sunlight outdoors and stay in natural shade
  • Lubricate children with sunscreens with sun protection factor 50 from baby age onwards
  • Light, airy summer clothing and headgear, at the seaside the children should also wear UV clothing
  • Watch out for heat accumulation at night – no heavy blankets, for babies a thin summer sleeping bag is sufficient
  • Do not cover the stroller with a cloth in hot weather
  • On hot days, a baby carrier often acts like an extra layer of clothing. If the carrier is thick and padded, the baby will quickly become too warm. If you wear your child in a sling, you should choose a single-layer bandage when temperatures are high. A bodysuit as clothing may then be sufficient.
  • Never leave babies and children alone in the car

But maybe you can find the time to go to a lake, to the swimming pool or to the beach, because there it is known best to endure the heat.