3 Tips for your first vacation with a caravan

Vacationing with a camper or caravan means for many people not only independence and flexibility, but also adventure and boundless freedom. It is therefore not surprising that the classic camping vacation is experiencing a real revival in recent years and more and more followers are following this trend.

It doesn't matter if you're traveling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family. A vacation with a caravan can always be adapted to individual wishes and needs. But what to consider on your first vacation with a caravan and what tips make it easier for newcomers to get started?

Tip 1: Careful route planning

Especially in the beginning, driving a new vehicle often feels a bit unfamiliar, although this feeling usually disappears after the first few hundred kilometers. However, it pays to plan your first trip carefully and choose a route that has the widest roads and fewest passes possible. This gives you plenty of time to get used to driving a caravan in peace and quiet. With a little experience and routine, more demanding routes can be mastered safely and in a relaxed manner on the next trip.

Tip 2: Solid insurance package

A small bump can happen quickly during the first trips with a motorhome and therefore a comprehensive insurance package for camping beginners is simply mandatory. A good insurance does not only protect the caravan, but also saves the vacation money. With comprehensive insurance, you don't have to worry about potential repair costs during your vacation, even in the event of a minor incident, and you can still enjoy the best time of the year to the fullest.

Tip 3: Generous parking space

Even though traveling with a caravan offers almost infinite freedom, it pays to select and reserve the campsite in advance, especially on your first vacation. Many campgrounds offer extra-large luxury sites and wide access roads that make parking a breeze, even for novices. However, a timely reservation is recommended, since first-class campgrounds are usually very well booked during peak travel season.


A caravan vacation is always a unique combination of fun, flexibility and relaxation that no package holiday can offer. Even newcomers can master longer trips with confidence, as long as they invest a little time in planning and consider a few key points. More helpful tips about caravan vacations for beginners can be found on the website of Verti.

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