Guide to Traveling X Ray Tech Jobs & Travel RRT Jobs

Guide to Traveling X Ray Tech Jobs & Travel RRT Jobs

traveling x ray tech jobs

Traveling isn’t just a career option for nurses – there are two emerging disciplines in the healthcare field with an exploding job to patient population ratio: medical imaging specialists (ultrasound/sonography, CT, radiology, MRI, X-ray) and respiratory therapists (RRTs). The rising demand for these professionals is due in part to the aging baby boomer population, who require increasing medical care every year.

This means that healthcare facilities all over the country are turning to healthcare staffing agencies to provide additional staff on a temporary basis to keep their departments running smoothly. In other words, as a medical imaging specialist or RRT, you can get paid to travel the country.

What’s the difference between a traveling healthcare professional and permanent staff?

The primary difference between traveling healthcare professionals and permanent staff is that travelers work relatively short, temporary assignments in hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities across the country. These specialists move to where extra help is needed, performing the same job duties as permanent-staff for several months before moving on to the next assignment.

If you’d like to experience living in new and exciting places all over the country, meeting new people and learning new skills, becoming a traveling healthcare professional might be for you!

Who employs travel radiology tech clinicians?

Though traveling respiratory therapists and imaging techs work in many of the same environments as permanent staff, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and long-term care facilities, they are technically employed by an agency, which serves as middle-man between them and the facility they work in.

When a healthcare facility experiences greater need for respiratory therapy or medical imaging services than they can provide, healthcare staffing agencies provide licensed individuals who move into the area and work in the facility for a predetermined time period, usually 13 weeks. This time period may be longer or shorter depending on the facility’s specific needs. Professionals who work travel assignments are paid by the agency that employs them, sometimes earning significantly more than a hospital’s permanent staff – cha-ching! They typically also get perks such as provided housing and health insurance to make their traveling lifestyle easier.

How to find traveling x ray tech jobs and travel radiology tech jobs:

If you are an imaging technician or RRT interested in traveling as part of your work, you might be wondering how to start finding job openings in different areas of the country. Sure, there are multiple job boards where you can find information and send a resume – but there is a better way!

Use a healthcare travel staffing firm.

  • Working with a firm like Cirrus Medical Staffing, who specializes in travel staffing for RRTs and medical imaging techs is the most efficient and effective way to find a travel position. Cirrus Medical has the knowledge and resources to connect you with employers and find you the right job, not just a Cirrus Medical’s network of contacts allows us to know where the job openings are, even the jobs that have not been advertised yet.
  • You’ll be assigned a personal recruiter at Cirrus Medical who will talk to you about your skills, experience, and what your career goals are to find out where you might fit as a traveler, based on your preferences and job openings.
  • You won’t have to do any of the job research, as your recruiter will have ample knowledge about the positions that are available, and they will also know about the organizations themselves and whether you would be a good fit for a particular facility.

The Cirrus Difference:

Travel RRT and Imaging Tech New Hire Bonus

Cirrus is now offering a $500 New Hire Bonus to our first-time travelers with us. Half will be paid up front in your first paycheck and then you’ll receive the other half when you finish your first assignment.

Travel RRT and Imaging Tech Loyalty Bonus

A $500 Loyalty Completion Bonus will be available for all extensions and renewals of up to six weeks or greater.

*The Loyalty Completion Bonus will be applicable on consecutive assignments completed with Cirrus Medical Staffing, separated by no more than thirty [30] days in-between assignments

Ready to start traveling?

Visit our job board, contact one of our recruiters or give us a call at 800.299.8132! Finding your next job is our full-time job – don’t wait to get started!