How to Get a Malaysia eVisa for Minors

How to Get a Malaysia eVisa for Minors

How to Get a Malaysia eVisa for Minors

It is highly important that visitors traveling to Malaysia with children ensure that they have the correct Malaysia eVisa for Minors. Citizens from Bhutan, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh Serbia and Sri Lanka traveling to Malaysia require a Malaysia eVisa in order to enter the country and this is also a necessary requirement for visitors under 18 years of age.

To fully explain the procedures necessary for parents and guardians applying for an eVisa on behalf of a child this article examines the visa requirements and application process for children under the age of 18. It also details the documents you will need to submit on behalf of an underage applicant and any additional steps that must be completed before a minor can be granted a visa for Malaysia.

How to Apply for a Malaysia eVisa for Minors

Applying for a Malaysia visa for minors under 12 years old and up to 18 years of age is quite similar to the procedure for adult applicants. Parents or legal guardians seeking an eVisa for a child in their care should apply via the online application form as normal. This comprises the following steps:

  • Applicants will first need to fill out some details on the minor’s personal information. This includes biometric information such as their full name, age, date of birth and gender.
  • Next applicants will need to submit the child’s passport information including its number, date of issue, expiry date and its issuing country.
  • The next step is to upload supporting identity documents
  • Users will then need to pay the visa fee via debit or credit card

Once submitted for approval, applications are normally processed within 1 business day. Then, on approval, they are sent directly to the valid email address of the parent or guardian submitting the application. The eVisa is then valid for 3 months from its date of issue and must be used within that duration.

eVisa Application Documents Required for Minors Traveling to Malaysia

Guardians applying for a child’s eVisa will first need to submit the same documentation as those applying for an adult’s eVisa. These include:

  • A valid national passport from an eligible country (with 6 months or more left before its expiration)
  • A recent passport photo conforming to the visa’s photo requirements
  • Proof of onward travel

In addition to the documents required for applicants over 18 years of age, people applying on behalf of minors must also submit one other document as proof of identity. They must also upload a scan of the applicant’s birth certificate. This can be submitted in the native language of the applicant.

What Children Under 18 Will Need to Present On Arrival in Malaysia

On arrival in Malaysia, families and guardians accompanying minors will need to present the correct documentation on behalf of the children in their care in order for admission to be granted. When passing through Malaysian national immigration parents or guardians will need to show that the child has the following:

  • The valid passport submitted during the visa application
  • A printed copy of a valid Malaysia eVisa
  • Proof of travel to an onward destination
  • Evidence of their or the family’s accommodation whilst in Malaysia
  • A note of consent if the child is traveling without their parent or legal guardian

In addition to the above, the guardian of the child should also demonstrate that they or their family has sufficient funds to support themselves during their trip. Corroborating evidence for this can include cash, debit or credit cards, and/or traveler’s cheques.

Whilst there aren’t many differences in the procedures between applying for a Malaysia eVisa and an eVisa for minors knowing the requirements necessary for a child traveling in your care is extremely important.

Applying for a Malaysia Visa online is a relatively straightforward process and doesn’t present many challenges for families traveling together to a destination in Malaysia. The online eVisa application is designed to simplify the method of acquiring a Malaysia visa and is intended to cater to the needs of children and families visiting the country from eligible nations.