With Galis, Giannakis, Lypiridis and the other children in Aris’ battles with Maccabi

With Galis, Giannakis, Lypiridis and the other children in Aris’ battles with Maccabi

At the risk of getting bored of waiting and returning to New Jersey, Yannis Butovinos showed up at “Macedonia Palace” one morning, told (lied) Nick that he was Menelaus Hatzigeorgiou, picked him up, they went to Ares ‘ Offices and put the signatures!

After so many years, the offense (of perverting the President’s authority) has not only been outlawed, it has been sanctified!

Ioannidis’ mistakes and loss to PAOK

In the first round derby of the 1983-84 season, PAOK defeated Aris 69-62 and Giannis Ioannidis banged his head against the wall!

This game took place on Saturday, while on Thursday evening the “Yellows” played one of the best games in their European history at “Yad Eliau”, where they defeated Maccabi 76:75 and managed to qualify for the “6 » des Champions- cups

The Israelis had won the first game in Alexandria 68-62 but the Martians didn’t give up, chasing the +7 miracle and in the end they were left with the satisfaction of a prestigious win that was only their second home defeat by Maccabi in the last seven years.

Forty hours later, Aris was defeated by his experienced opponent 69-62, with “Xanthos” – in one of those rare times to admit his mistake – noting that “I am solely responsible for the loss because I let my team die in a futile match and we didn’t have the strength to play against PAOK».

Maggie and the Punch from “Xantho” to “Bilili”

Four years later, en route to Ghent, Aris was defeated by Maccabi (last year’s finalist as well as this year’s) 95-91 in a thriller decided by a fatal moment!

In the most critical part of the evening, the retired Kevin Magee snatched the ball out of the hands of Vassilis Lipiridis and scored a goal foul which caused Yannis Ioannidis to go berserk and (at the ensuing time-out) grabbed the Edessa in the front of the neck!

The fight in Munich and the night with Boza

The following season, in a carousel that was now routine, routine and inevitable, the two teams met in the semi-finals of the Champions Cup Final Four at the Olympiahalle in Munich

At the break, the Israelis were leading 50-48, but Aris reacted around the 30th minute, appearing to be in control and taking the win straight away, having finally decided to face Maccabi in the semifinals!

But the devil stuck his tail again, as his song says (grandfather of Fotis Katsikaris, Panos Michalopoulos…

In an apparently unsuspicious phase and after a “jazz” from Kevin Maggi to Vassilis Lipiridis, Nikos Filippou reacted first and Panagiotis Giannakis also got involved in the fight.

Panagiotis Giannakis in his fight with Kevin Magee at the 1989 Munich Final Four

The result; The game was stopped to calm the mood and as usual in such cases the team leading the points and having the momentum is damaged, Oper and it happened in this case too when Maccabi countered and ended up with 99- 86 won (Maggi 29 , Jamsi 28, Barlow 20/ Giannakis 25, Subotics 22, Galis 21).

There is also the aftermath of this story…

The evening after the semifinals Bozidar Malkovich asked Yiannis Ioannidis for his opinion on Maccabi. The “blonde” politely replied, they sat in the Hilton living room, ordered a bottle of wine, lit a cigarette, called Subotic to interpret, stayed up all night and made Maccabi a grand and a grand.

Nonetheless, Boza has Ioannidis to thank for Yugoplastica’s victory in the finals 75-69 and the first act of the triumphant trilogy of “Zoutki”…