10 must-have travel accessories

10 must-have travel accessories


On the hunt for today’s best travel accessories? Look no further.

1. eBags packing cubes

Ready to upgrade your packing style? Take the headache out of packing with these handy little cubes from eBags. Their shape and design allow for maximum storage without having to cram all your items into a too-small suitcase. On the flip side, the smaller cubes are ideal for quick getaways that require fewer items. Lightweight, compact, and available in a variety of colours and styles, these clever pieces of luggage are a welcome alternative to awkward airtight packing bags.

eBags packing cubes.

eBags packing cubes. Photo: Press release

2. The Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution neck pillow

Let’s face it, not all travel neck pillows are created equal. The Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow is a game changer that’s ideal for the ultra-luxe traveller. Travel blogger Sharon Gourlay, of Where’s Sharon, recommended this one to us, and it’s easily one of the best travel accessories out there right now. It even comes with memory foam earplugs (seriously). You can also flip it around so that the lusciously soft material rests just under your chin, providing unparalleled front support. This gem might actually make it possible to get a solid dose of sleep while flying.

The Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution neck pillow.

The Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution neck pillow. Photo: Press release

3. The Tugo suitcase cup holder

This one is so simple, it’s genius. Anyone who’s ever spilled a drink while rushing through the airport will appreciate the Tugo suitcase cup holder. This brilliant little hack turns your rolling luggage carrier into a handy and secure spot to park your beverage while waiting for your flight. It works by keeping your drink snug and protected in the space between the upright handle. The best part? Its level design helps prevent spills. The attachment is easy to remove and can be slipped in your purse or pocket upon boarding.

Tugo suitcase cup holder.

Tugo suitcase cup holder. Photo: Press release

4. Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag

If you’re on the lookout for a light, super-convenient way to pack your toiletries, the Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag just might be your best bet. Loaded with internal pockets and zippers, there’s no shortage of safe places to store everything from shampoo to medicine to shaving cream. Should one of your products leak in transit, no worries—this bag is completely waterproof, making cleanup a breeze (it’s also ideal for outdoor camping and hiking). But it’s really its lightweight design that makes it such a standout. Coming in at just under three ounces, this hanging toiletry bag is one of our faves.

Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag.

Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag. Photo: Press release

5. The Journey Journal

Oh, how we love a good travel journal. When it comes to remembering the adventures and magic of a trip, few travel accessories do the trick quite like an old journal. The Journey Journal, with its out-of-the-ordinary design and clever writing prompts, tops our list of new favourites. Beautifully handmade, it allows you to literally track your travels and also provides a special manila envelope reserved for “Travel Treasures”. The packaging alone is so inspiring, it’ll have you itching for a pen.

The Journey Journal.

The Journey Journal. Photo: Press release

6. The Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale

There’s no nightmare quite like going to check in a bag, only to find that your suitcase is over the weight limit. The Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale is a portable (and extremely practical) little gadget that all but eliminates this common travel woe. After packing up your things, secure this handheld scale to your bag and lift. The weight will instantly flash across the digital screen.

Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale.

Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale. Photo: Press relase

7. Digipower selfie stick

We’re living in the age of selfies. The good news is that the explosion of related photo accessories has revolutionised travel photography. Enter the selfie stick, which allows the photo-taker to get in the frame without having to ask a stranger to take the shot. (How terribly primitive!) Digipower makes a fabulous model that’s ideal for the modern jet-setter. As the Wall Street Journal points out, this selfie stick boasts an excellent, durable grip, a saltwater-proof pole, and sturdy design. It also extends over 50 inches, allowing you to catch wider shots. This one definitely makes our list of best travel accessories.

 Digipower selfie stick.

Digipower selfie stick. Photo: Press release

8. The iPADKET iPad Mount

Who says tablet mounts are only for road trips? The iPADKET iPad Mount converts the in-flight seat in front of you into a mounting station for viewing your favourite shows and movies while travelling. Say so long to soar necks; this travel hack is a game changer for long flights or car rides. It’s also incredibly durable, designed to withstand the test of time. The kicker? It requires zero tools to set-up and is ultra-portable, making it a must-have.

 iPADKET iPad Mount.

iPADKET iPad Mount. Photo: Press release

9. The Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket

Snuggling up with a soft, warm blanket—is there any other way to travel in luxury? We don’t think so. Meet Pendleton’s Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket; a beautiful hybrid of rugged durability and ultimate comfort that one user review aptly refers to as “the classic forever blanket.” Its biggest selling point is the fact that it can be rolled up and thrown in a purse or carry-on with little thought, making it a perfect addition for your next long haul. This one’s a down-to-earth alternative to decadent cashmere travel blankets.

Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket.

Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket. Photo: Press release

10. The Samsonite Spinner carry-on bag

There’s a reason this suitcase made it to AOL’s list of best carry-on roller bags. The Samsonite Spinner touts maximum user-friendliness, navigating crowded airports with ease. It features a scratch-resistant exterior and attractive design to boot. Weighing in at almost 7 pounds, the Spinner is available in a variety of colours and larger sizes. In other words, it brilliantly pairs style and substance for today’s busy traveller. If you’re in the market for a new suitcase, put this one on your list.

Samsonite Spinner carry-on bag.

Samsonite Spinner carry-on bag. Photo: Press release

This article was originally published on 22nd July, 2016

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