11 Questions & Answers on Family Holiday Insurance

11 Questions & Answers on Family Holiday Insurance

While some people postpone travelling with kids considering it too difficult and unpredictable, others don’t see it as an obstacle and continue travelling just as they did before having children. It’s obvious that sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect them to – especially with kids – and this is why it’s essential to obtain family holiday insurance before you go.

Many travel agents and tour operators require evidence of travel insurance before you proceed with booking confirmation, but the options they offer as part of their integrated package are usually very expensive. If you prefer booking your travel independently, it’s up to you whether to get covered or not, but we would always recommend that you do! The horror stories you’ve heard of travellers having to fork out tens of thousands to cover medical bills are true, so don’t be caught out.

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With so many travel insurance options out there it may be tempting to select the cheapest option, or to skip over reading the policy cover and small print. But do this at your peril. Travel insurance cover varies a lot and you may find yourself seriously out of pocket if you need to claim.

Here are 12 essential questions when choosing your family travel insurance and answers from Globelink Travel Insurance:

1. Check for family offers such as kids go free.

This can save you a fortune. Also check the age limit the insurer uses when defining a child. Globelink will cover your children of 17 years or under at no extra cost.

2. Don’t be lulled into a false economy – opt for an annual multi-trip policy if you travel more than twice a year.

At Globelink, you can obtain Family Single Trip travel insurance from £36.93 (based on 2 adults going to Europe for 5 days with 1 child), while Annual Multi Trip policy will cost £106.98 covering unlimited trips within a 12 months period with each trip lasting up to 17 days.

3. Check whether the policy provides the right combination of family ages for you.

Globelink offers the advantage of cover for infants up to 2 yrs and children up to 17 (for free) and adults up to age 89.

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4. Check whether you have cancellation cover in case you cannot travel.

With Globelink you are covered for Cancellation as soon as you purchase the policy. So you can claim for unrecoverable costs and deposits if you have to cancel your trip due to family illness, injury or death and you are covered from the moment you purchase your policy.

5. Check that you are covered for travel disruption in the event of natural disaster.

Many policies will not provide this cover as standard. Globelink Comprehensive, Winter Sports and Annual Multi Trip policies provide Force Majeure Travel Disruption cover as standard, so you are covered for additional costs if your holiday is disrupted due to a natural disaster.

6. Understand the key cover offered by the policy

This is especially important when there is family group with varying ages. Know the limits such as Baggage, Single Article Limit. Know exactly what you are covered for to avoid any nasty surprises.

7. Check whether there’s a 24 hour Emergency Assistance service.

Globelink Emergency Assistance line is available 24/7. If you have an accident or need medical treatment for an illness, the multi-lingual 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Service will confirm your cover and handle all assistance and negotiations on your behalf and usually settle costs directly with the hospital. They can also help you get home quickly if you have an emergency at home and need to cut your trip short.

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8. Find out what adventure activities are covered and get extra cover if you plan something that is not there.

This is when you could most likely get injured, so check you are covered. Globelink cover over 100 adventure activities for free under Category 1 and 2 and many others can be covered for an additional premium under Category 3 and Category 4.

9. Check the policy terms for pre-existing medical conditions and what can be covered for free.

Be sure to declare any condition that you or your travel companions have that is not mentioned under the standard terms. Failing to declare your medical history may invalidate your policy. There may be a special number to call to go through your medical conditions and whether cover can be provided at an extra premium.

Globelink provide cover for a number of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions for free.

If you are aware of a Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, you have two options:

  • You can arrange cover at the normal premium and accept that you will not be able to make a claim for anything related to the pre-existing medical condition.
  • if you require your policy to cover you for claims connected to a pre-existing medical condition you can contact the Medical Screening line who will advise you whether your pre-existing medical condition can be covered, whether there is an additional premium to pay or any other changes to the policy terms and conditions.

10. Know the claims procedure. It could save you time and stress.

All policies will have a claims procedure and you’ll need to follow this in order to claim successfully – so be aware and keep their contact details handy. Globelink provide contact details and a link to the Claims Company on the website.

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11. Can you obtain a policy having already travelled?

So what can you do if you have forgotten to take out travel insurance in the rush and perhaps stress of sorting out your family holiday? Many companies will not provide cover after you have already travelled.

Globelink can provide you with a travel insurance quote after you have already travelled by selecting the Already Travelling option at Type of Policy. So whether you are planning your trip or already away we can get you and your family covered.Prepare for your family holiday in advance to ensure that you choose the right cover for you and your trip. Understanding what you are buying is a key to your peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen mishaps while you are away.