3 tips for those who want to travel solo

3 tips for those who want to travel solo

Do you want to travel, but doing it on your own somewhat slows your desires of escape? So here are 3 tips for traveling solo with complete peace of mind.

Travel is freedom, especially after a year and a half confined. Discovery, encounters and wonder are the three ingredients for a successful stay (without forgetting good food, of course). But when you travel alone, the apprehension can be great. Everything rests on your shoulders and the trip requires special organization. To help you take the plunge and leave stress on the takeoff runway, here are 3 tips for traveling solo.

A destination easy to discover

For a first solo trip, the choice of destination is not easy. But to be more reassured, opt for countries known for their security. Thailand, Canada, Norway and Japan are perfect destinations for a first stay alone.

Once you’ve experimented with solo trips a few times, you can go anywhere with no problem. In reality, very few countries are really dangerous for tourists and information on risk areas is available on official websites (diplomatic tensions, security or health risks, etc.). Elsewhere, the only phenomena to which you should pay attention are assaults (theft, fights …), illnesses and sometimes, snags between vehicles. Traveling is usually dangerous only when your alertness is waning. Keep informed and have a good organization to bypass all these risks.

Organization, the key to a successful solo trip

To lower your anxiety level as you approach your first solo trip, organization is essential. After choosing your destination, the first thing to think about is a budget that includes accommodation, food, entertainment, and contingencies.

Anticipation is the key and it goes through the programming of a tourist route. Take the time to make a list of the activities that you absolutely want to do and add the opening hours, ticket prices or even the precautions to take before embarking on rafting, a walk in the jungle or other project. daredevil.

Last but not least, cultivate yourself upstream. Learn about the country’s culture and way of life. Certain places may be refused to you if you do not wear the correct attire (this is often the case for places of worship). This will also help you choose the clothes you need to take, but also the medicines and other essentials.

Favor meetings

Traveling alone allows you to find yourself, get to know yourself and meditate. But in the long run, you might get bored and spending all of those evenings alone can make the trip a bit gloomy. To meet other travelers, and share a few moments with others, prefer youth hostels. In the evening, everyone shares their adventures of the day and it is a good way to obtain veins for your stay.

One app is effective for solo travel. Aiming at the safety of women, NomadHer provides the stories of globetrotters and helps find accommodation safe. You could even get to know each other very well and plan a day of visiting together. Have a nice trip !

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