5 Reasons to Book a Catholic Pilgrimage Early

5 Reasons to Book a Catholic Pilgrimage Early

5 Reasons to Book a Catholic Pilgrimage Early

The benefits of going on a pilgrimage are many. Travelers enjoy the opportunity to establish a deeper relationship with God, slow down the pace of life, make new friends, and encounter beauty at every turn.

There are 5 reasons to book a pilgrimage early with Glimmer Tours. The added advantages of doing so are well worth it.

Reason 1: Reservations Fill Up Quickly

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Reservations with Glimmer Tours fill up quickly!

Booking ahead of time has many benefits, including a wider range of available trip dates.

Testimonials from past travelers attest to the reasons why our tours are their first choice for travel—and they explain why pilgrims rush to get their reservations early. Here are a few of their most cited reasons:

  • An all-inclusive travel experience: Our pilgrims love that our comprehensive travel package includes all transportation, admission fees, meals, and tips.
  • Expert guides: Our pilgrims appreciate the knowledge and expertise shared by our highly experienced tour leaders.
  • Prayer opportunities: Our travelers have expressed the once-in-a-lifetime feeling that comes from celebrating Mass in beautiful and historical churches.
  • Hand-picked travel commodities: Our pilgrims enjoy the genuine sense of comfort from our use of well-vetted vendors, hotels, and tour routes.

Everything we do has been tried and tested to provide travelers with a reliable pilgrimage.

By booking early, you too can ensure your claim to a stress-free experience with an experienced tourism company!

Reason 2: Early-Bird Savings

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Another reason to book a pilgrimage early is to take advantage of the savings that Glimmer Tours offers. That’s why we offer early-bird savings to those that book their pilgrimage early.

With an early booking, pilgrims can save $100!

Reason 3: Time to Plan For Being Away

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Any trip requires preparations for being away. By booking early, pilgrims gain enough time to get everything in order before their pilgrimage begins.

By booking early, you also have plenty of time to take care of various travel needs, like:

  • Renewing your passport: It can take 8 to 11 weeks to process a passport.
  • Refilling prescriptions: Some prescriptions are not immediately available, and pharmacists may need extra time to fill your order.
  • Currency Exchanges:Glimmer Tours’ comprehensive travel package includes all your transportation, admission, meals, and tips. However, some travelers wish to have local currency on hand for souvenirs and other such expenses. It’s wise to exchange your currency at your local bank, where it’s typically less expensive than currency exchange kiosks at the airport.

If you plan to book a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, you can get more preparation ideas by reading our blog: Travel Tips to Holy Land.

Reason 4: Cement Your Commitment

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The desire to embark on a pilgrimage is a divine inspiration! It is a calling to encounter God in a new and profound way.

Careful and long discernment is important with such a fantastic opportunity, but sometimes there is no other step than to just go for it! Like the Apostles, we could spend all our time mending our nets, but there comes a time to cast them into the deep and to follow Him.

What better way to answer the call and cement your commitment to travel than to book your pilgrimage early?

Reason 5: Opportunity to Deepen Your Faith

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Whether you’re planning to go to the Holy Land or to Fatima and Lourdes, booking early provides time to intentionally prepare to receive all that God desires to give you during the pilgrimage.

  • You will have more time to open your heart. You can prayerfully consider why God is calling you on a pilgrimage. You may want to reflect on these questions leading up to the pilgrimage:
    • What is my relationship with God like right now?
    • How might this pilgrimage deepen my relationship with Him?
    • What areas of my life need conversion?
    • Who do I need to pray for during this pilgrimage?

    There are plenty of practical reasons to book a pilgrimage early, but above all, it is an opportunity to begin your journey with God sooner. Join a Pilgrimage today to learn how God begins to change your life before you even set foot on the plane!