All the information about the visa to go to Egypt?

All the information about the visa to go to Egypt?

More and more countries that used to be considered “visa-free countries” are turning to the American model. Online authorization or prior application. Here is all the information you need about the visa to travel to Egypt with peace of mind.

Exploration in a nice country

Prerequisites to obtain a visa to Egypt

If you want to visit Egypt, your passport must be valid six months after the date of return and have at least three blank pages, 2 of which must be face to face. Just in case you make an extension on the spot.

Be careful, since August 15, 2020; you must present a negative PCR test to be able to enter on the Egyptian soil. This can evolve, so you have to be very careful. It would be possible to do it on the spot, but the French consular authorities warn that it is quite long and tedious.

Which visa to go to Egypt?

To pass the Egyptian customs, you will need a visa. You can get it before departure, directly in a consulate of the country or through a specialized agency – be careful. This service can be quite expensive.

Officially the Egyptian visa costs 25 US dollars, and it is generally required seven days in advance – for online applications.

A tourist visa but three different names

Note that it is also possible to obtain a visa on the spot. Once arrived at the airport or the border posts (depending on the destination). You will have to take a particular queue and be patient.

Depending on the place where you will have your visa for Egypt made, you will have either a tourist “L” visa, an AVE authorization, or an ETA authorization. These three types of tourist visas are all valid for 30 days, and they do not allow you to work under any circumstances.

How can I get my visa for Egypt quickly?

For a quick and easy application for your visa to Egypt, there are online agencies that take care of everything. It is a little more expensive, but all services are paid for, be careful.

However, if you wish to go through the Egyptian consulate in Paris, it is better to allow at least two weeks of delay since the Egyptian administration will keep your passport for at least six working days.

the official website of the Egyptian consulate:

Useful contacts for visa questions in Egypt

If you are close to Cairo and wish to extend your visa, you can go to the Mogamma. This is the immigration office which is located in the city centre on Tahrir Square. (tel: 2795 63 01 or 2797 63 03).

The other office available to handle your extension procedures is in Alexandria, the other major city in Egypt.

Special tips about Egypt

The white desert in Egypt

Best times to go to Egypt

The best time to travel to Egypt is autumn (northern hemisphere). That is from September to mid-December.

Be careful, in summer, there is no time difference between the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Egypt. On the other hand, it will be necessary to think of adding one hour in winter. For information, the time that appears on your plane ticket is always the local time.


For all those who wish to travel to Egypt, it is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis B and A. But also to be up to date for DTCP. Those who wish to settle in Egypt should consider getting vaccinated against rabies and typhoid.


It takes between 4h30 and 5 hours of flight to reach the different Egyptian cities.