Barbados Surfing

Barbados Surfing

What are the popular Barbados surfing spots? This question seems to always pop up. You see the people asking are not aware that Barbados geographic location gives it a unique advantage. They are amazed that such a small island 166 square miles could have such diverse beach and ocean conditions.

Of course these unique attributes, which makes the island a surfers paradise, occur because the island is the most easterly of all the Caribbean islands. This unique geographical position places the east coast of Barbados further into the turbulent Atlantic Ocean than any of the other islands.

The dynamic mix of conditions found along the island coastline has over the years fashion Barbados into a popular location for various forms of surfing action all year round.

Barbados Surfing On The East Coast

The Soup Bowl is Barbados most popular surf spot. This highly rated surf spot has been listed by world famous surfer Kelly Slater as one of his top five surf locations in the world. Surfers from around the world come to the soup bowl between August and November not only because of the fantastic waves but also for the terrific atmosphere, great food and friendly people.

The Soup Bowl’s location at Bathsheba on the island’s scenic east coast is home to the most consistent waves found on the island. The wave at the Soup Bowl is mainly a right that breaks in approximately seven feet of water on a rock ledge that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Big surf and heavy barrels are the hallmarks that make the Soup Bowl a world-class surf spot suitable for the more experience surfers who compete at the annual reef classic every November.

Surfing In Barbados On The South Coast

South Point like the Soup Bowl is another great way to experience Barbados surfing culture. Although not as popular as Bathsheba, surfing at South Point is favourable between November and July especially during low tide.

Located on the action pack South coast of the island, South point is mainly a left break consisting of hollow fast waves. This multiple peak wave is extremely popular with the many local and international surfers who visit the island.

Surfing on the West Coast of Barbados

Batts Rock and Brandons are part of Barbados tranquil west coast more suited to swimming, sailing and snorkeling. These two beaches are a stark contrast to the more rugged and turbulent east coast where giant waves consistently come crashing off the Atlantic Ocean to create spectacular surf conditions.

But half a dozen times a year mostly when there is a North swell surfers hit the jackpot… At this time usually between December and April the calm waters of these two West Coast beaches breaks into the most perfect waves you can imagine.

Barbados Surfing on the North East Coast

Maycocks and Duppies are also popular surf spots located on the North West side of Barbados. Of all the islands popular surf spots Maycocks is often describe as a surfers paradise mainly because you wouldn’t find any major development like houses or buildings on this small Barbadian beach.

What you’ll find depending on the swell is a super long wave that seems to go forever…
These are the popular surfing spots in Barbados. Each one combine’s the island spectacular white sand beaches and natural beauty with a festive atmosphere that can’t be beaten any where else.