Best Restaurants in the Exumas – 9 Inspired Bahama Delicacies!

Best Restaurants in the Exumas – 9 Inspired Bahama Delicacies!

Best restaurants in the Exumas

Exuma is a top tourist destination in the Bahamas not only because of its beautifully charming cays and sapphire-blue Waters but also because of its fabulous restaurants.

Most of the restaurants here are well-known for their exclusive locally inspired Bahaman delicacies and a range of tasty continental dishes.

From cracked conch to coconut fried shrimp all through to fried chicken and grilled meat, there are a plethora of dishes you can sample from the best restaurants in the Exumas.

Well, here is a list of top-rated restaurants that you can find worth visiting while sailing to the Exuma Islands:

1. Chat N Chill

 Chat N Chill restaurant in the Exumas

Popular for conch burgers and Sunday pig roasts, Chat N Chill is one of the Exuma-based restaurants that offer an exclusive dining experience.

The eatery serves a range of dishes including conch burgers, grilled fish, Native Peas n Rice, ribs, Rotisserie Chicken and more.

If you would love to enjoy freshly grilled foods while in Exuma, then this is the place to be.

Chat N Grill can also cater for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and parties among other celebrations.

Location: Stocking Island, George Town, EX29445-Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-336-2700

2. Shirley’s At the Fish Fry


This waterfront restaurant in Great Exuma is where most visitors love to go and enjoy a range of Bahaman-style dishes.

Some of the foods served here include homemade conch salad, fried chicken, conch burger, barbecued ribs and a host of other Caribbean-inspired dishes.

On a typical weekend, you can enjoy fried lobster, shrimp and/or grouper with your partner or friends, which is served amidst live music.

The Shirley’s at the Fish Fry is where you can truly experience the Bahamas culture firsthand.

Location: Queen’s Highway, Fish Fry, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-345-4102

3. Santanna’s Bar and Grill


Located in Little Exuma and just a few strides away from Tropic of Cancer Beach, Santanna’s Bar and Grill, is an open-air restaurant that serves a range of delightful Bahaman dishes that any visitor would love.

Some of the main foods you can enjoy on this restaurant include cracked conch, grilled grouper, cracked lobster and shrimp, all served alongside peas and rice, fried onions or macaroni and cheese.

A soothing breeze from the sea while having lunch here can no doubt make your dining experience fantastic.

Location: Queen’s Highway, William’s Town, Little Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-345-4102

4. Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill restaurant in the Exumas

The Tropic Breeze Beach Bar and Grill is a beachside restaurant in Great Exuma that serves incredible food in a chilled out environment.

They boast of an extensive menu that includes such dishes as seafood nachos, grilled lobster, surf n’ turf burger, chicken wings/shrimp stir fry and range of tasty wines.

While dining, you can enjoy a cool afternoon or evening breeze coupled with the spectacular views of the pristine sea waters.

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill is simply all about good vibes.

Location: Williams Town, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-345-4100

5. Latitudes at Exuma Beach Resort

Latitudes at Exuma Beach Resort in the Exumas

Located just 15 minutes away from George Town, Latitudes at Exuma Beach Resort is a beachfront resort that serves a range of savory, spicy foods, Bahaman-style dishes, and chilled and chilled exotic drinks.

The resort boasts of several modern rooms, furnished with all amenities and strategically located at a point where guests can enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

Latitude’s restaurant has excellent servings for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. From Latitude’s Special Burgers to stuffed chicken breast all through to BBQ ribs, conch cakes, and chocolate cakes, there’s a vast selection of foods to choose from.

Some DJs come over to the resort to do some spinning just to keep the social scene vibrant.

Location: 1.5 Miles Northwest, George Town, Gorge Town, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-336-3100

6. Big D’s Conch Spot

 Big D

Just as the name suggests, Big D’s Conch Spot restaurant specializes in preparing a range of conch dishes including conch salads, conch fritters, conch fries and more.

Its menu also includes chicken wings, shrimp, beans and rice among other delightful dishes. You can enjoy all these foods with an ice-cold drink served at an ideal price.

Another amazing feature of this restaurant is that it’s set in a rather casual environment, where you can lounge in the nearby beach after a great afternoon meal.

Location: Steventon, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-358-0059

7. ‪La Fourchette Bahamas

If you’ve visited George Town, Exuma, then ‪La Fourchette Bahamas might just be the best stopover for breakfast, lunch or dinner with Bahamian flair.

Whether you’re craving for conch chowder & conch fritters, lobster Ceviche, chicken fettuccine, Mahi mani or simply a well-brewed coffee, you can get it all here.

The restaurant also serves a range of chilled cocktails and beers that you can find refreshing, especially on a hot sunny day. Its proximity to the beach also means you’ll get the most out of the breathtaking ocean views.

Location: Rocker’s Point, George Town 2655, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-524-8622

8. ‪The Palapa Grill

The Palapa Grill restaurant in the Exumas

‪The Palapa Grill is a restaurant in Great Exuma that’s well-known for its exclusive Bahaman foods, high-quality American cuisines and lots of tempting tropical cocktails.

Some of the foods you can expect to find on this restaurant’s menu include crab cakes, lobster mac and cheese, grilled grouper, chicken wings and more.

All these meals can be served with tasty cocktails or other non-alcoholic beverages.

The restaurant allows you to enjoy freshly prepared seafood in a rather charming tropical outdoor setting, which elevates the dining experience further.

Location: Emerald Bay, Grand Isle Resort, and Spa, Great Exuma
Telephone: +1 242-358-5000

9. Driftwood Cafe

Driftwood Cafe restaurant in the Exumas

Driftwood Cafe is one the best restaurants in George Town that offers an exclusive breakfast dining experience.

You can stop by the cafe to enjoy some egg sandwiches, bagels & cream cheese, bacon & eggs with espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

You can also order for Blueberry parfait, pumpkin spice coffee, wild berry smoothie and a host of other drinks.

This is definitely a one-stop restaurant when looking for breakfast and/or lunch in Exuma.

Location: Queens Highway, George Town, Great Exuma

Telephone: +1 242-336-3800

In Conclusion

These are by far the best restaurants in Great Exuma and Little Exuma. These restaurants not only serve a range of Bahaman-inspired dishes and all-time food classics but also offer their dining services at reasonable prices. So if you happen to visit the Exumas soon, you can feel free to stop by any of the above-listed restaurants for an exclusive dining experience.

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